Best new cars for 2018


We’ve already picked our best new cars for 2016 and 2017, but there are many more models set to arrive in 2018 and further into the future.

Superminis and SUVs have been dominating sales charts in recent times, and the best cars for 2018 reflects this as there are a host of models set to arrive in the two sectors.

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Highlights in 2018 include the new Audi A1, Volkswagen Polo and Mercedes A-Class plus the BMW X2, Skoda Yeti and Volkswagen Touareg are just a few of the new SUVs on the horizon.

However, there are also plenty of other exciting new cars approaching, with the Tesla Model 3, BMW i8 Roadster and Toyota Supra sure to attract plenty of attention.

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To keep you up-to-date with all the models arriving in the future, check out our list of the best new cars for 2018 and beyond below.

The best new cars for 2018

Audi A1

Price: From £15,000 (est)
On sale: 2018

The Audi A1 has been a bit of an also-ran in the premium supermini class since its launch back in 2010, as it has always been outshone by the MINI. However, the second-generation model is gearing up to take the fight to its British-built rival.

Our exclusive image reveals a shape that’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary, as we’ve come to expect from Audi over the years.

Even so, inside the A1 will benefit from a hi-tech makeover, with the company’s latest multimedia systems and a plush finish that’s likely to be on par with larger models in the range.

The newcomer will be based on the smallest version of the VW Group’s advanced MQB platform, so it promises to be entertaining to drive, too.

Audi Q6 e-tron

Price: £60,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

Audi’s first all-electric SUV won’t be a variant of an existing model; instead the company is building a dedicated machine called the Q6 e-tron. As the name suggests, the new SUV will slot between the Q5 and Q7 in the brand’s range, while its looks were previewed by the e-tron Quattro concept that was really well received when it made its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

That car featured no fewer than three electric motors and a battery pack. The powertrain was claimed to be big enough to give the concept a claimed range of 311 miles and a rapid 0-62mph sprint time of just 4.6 seconds.

The good news is that the production car is likely to have similar performance potential.

Audi Q8

Price: From £70,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

Audi’s forthcoming Q8 SUV has the Range Rover square in its sights. Unveiled in concept form at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show, it will be the company’s flagship SUV.

The interior’s luxurious fixtures and trims will reflect the Q8’s status at the top of the range. Its V6 diesel line-up should provide plenty of performance, but if you want to maximise speed expect a scorching SQ8 V8 diesel featuring trick tech such as an electric compressor to reduce turbo lag.

BMW i8 Roadster

Price: £125,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

The i8 is BMW’s alternative supercar, and an open-top version is on the way. It originally starred at 2012’s Beijing Motor Show, and like the coupe it will be powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder and electric motor.

Chopping the roof should be easy due to the i8’s carbon fibre-reinforced plastic construction, but it’s unknown whether BMW will opt for a folding hard-top or lighter fabric roof arrangement.


Price: From £29,500 (est)
On sale: 2018

BMW will fill another niche in 2018 when it launches its third coupe-SUV, and its smallest yet: the new X2.

Like the X4 and X6, the X2 – previewed by the ConceptX2 at the 2016 Paris Motor Show – is based on a conventional SUV, in this instance, the X1 crossover. As with its larger siblings, the X2 will have a coupe-style profile that reduces space, but adds a sporty edge. Just like the X4 and X6, it’ll come only in higher trim levels and at a premium price. 


Price: From £34,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

There’s a new X3 on the way in 2018, and while our exclusive image reveals that it won’t represent a revolution in terms of styling, there are some much more significant changes under the SUV’s skin.

The newcomer gets an all-new chassis, which will be shared with the new 5 Series and 3 Series saloons, and it incorporates lightweight aluminium in its construction to save weight and improve fuel efficiency. The new X3 will also be larger than before, to distance itself from the smaller X1 crossover.


Price: From £60,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

While the X5 is currently BMW’s biggest SUV, the company is planning an even larger luxury model.

As our exclusive image reveals, it will be given an upmarket look to take on rivals such as the Bentley Bentayga and the Range Rover. Power will come from six and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. There are rumours of a plug-in hybrid, too.

It’s the interior that will take pride of place in the X7, with the advanced technology we’ve already seen on the 7 Series limo, and bespoke cabin trim. 


Price: From £30,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

The last BMW Z4 was getting pretty long in the tooth by the time sales ended in September, but the all-new model will be a strong challenger to drop-top rivals such as the Audi TT and Porsche 718 Boxster.

Developed in conjunction with the new Toyota Supra, the new Z4 will maintain a rear-wheel-drive two-seat layout, and it’ll be exclusively sold as a roadster, as seen in our spy shot. Power is likely to come from a range of petrol engines, including the 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight six from the M3.

Citroen C4

Price: From £15,500 (est)
On sale: 2018

The current Citroen C4 is an also-ran in the family hatchback class, but if our exclusive image is anything to go by, the next-generation version could have the style and quality to become a front-runner.

The new car will get a look inspired by the C4 Picasso and new C3 supermini, while C4 Cactus-style Airbumps will be incorporated, too.

Combine this new look with an upmarket interior design, plenty of hi-tech kit and a competitive price, and the new C4 could be the surprise package of 2018.

Honda CR-V

Price: From £24,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

The Honda CR-V is the staple of the mid-size SUV class, but it’s never been offered as a seven-seater.

That’s set to change when the next generation arrives in 2018, as the car increases in size to make space for a third row of seats in the boot. That will bring it into line with a new batch of rivals such as the Nissan X-Trail, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Kia Sorento.

The car will get a look that’s something of an evolution of the current model, while the CR-V will be based on an extended platform developed from the all-new Mk10 Civic.

The CR-V is already the top-selling SUV in the US market, so Honda is hoping that a bigger focus on practicality will boost sales and increase the car’s appeal among buyers in the UK and Europe.

Mercedes A-Class

Price: From £20,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

The new Mercedes A-Class will be based on an all-new platform, although our exclusive image reveals that its design will be an evolution of the current car’s. Still, that’s no bad thing, because it’s a good-looking premium hatch.

What Mercedes has focused on is passenger and boot space, so while the new model will look similar to the current car, it will be more practical.

There will be the usual range of efficient petrol and diesel engines, while a sharper Mercedes-AMG A 45 model will also join the line-up. 

Renaultsport Megane

Price: £27,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

If you wanted maximum fun from a front-wheel-drive hot hatch, then few rivals could compete with the previous-generation Renaultsport Megane. Now the new RS is set to maintain that tradition, and is looking to reclaim the lap record for a front-wheel-drive production car at Germany’s Nurburgring race track.

Under the bonnet, Renault will stick with the 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine, but it will be tuned to develop around 300bhp. There will be a choice of six-speed manual or twin-clutch auto gearboxes, while our spy shot reveals that the car will be a five-door, although it does get a racy look to mark it out from the rest of the range.

A chunky front bumper, larger alloys and brakes along with stiffer and lowered suspension will set the hot Megane apart. 

Skoda Yeti

Price: From £16,000 (est)
On sale: 2018

Skoda’s next Yeti crossover, previewed here in our exclusive image, is scheduled for a showroom launch in 2018, and for the first time there will be a hybrid version.

The new car will take its design in part from the latest Kodiaq SUV, with a similar grille and light arrangement at the front and a slim tail-lamp style with a pinched tailgate at the rear.

It’s likely that it will be more practical than the current model, because it will be based on the same platform as the SEAT Ateca, which has 510 litres of space in the boot. That’s nearly 100 litres more than the current Yeti can muster. Given the roominess of other Skodas, it’s reasonable to expect the Yeti to have even more than that, although the hybrid may lose some space to its battery pack.

Other engines will be carried over from the VW Group range, including a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol as well as 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesels that will be popular in the UK. Expect the Yeti to be priced from around £16,000 when it launches in 2018. 

Tesla Model 3

Price: From £35,000 (est)
On sale: 2018

An incredibly high-profile unveiling earned the Tesla Model 3 more than 373,000 orders around the world, with each of those people putting down $1,000 to get their name on the list. It’s easy to see why: the Model 3 aims to take the attributes of the hugely popular Model S and make them significantly more affordable.

If the Model S is a rival for the BMW 5 Series in terms of size, then the Model 3 will go up against the 3 Series. Of course, it’s a fully electric car, so will have few direct competitors initially. It’s expected to cost around £35,000 in the UK, but that will drop to a little more than £30,000 with the Government plug-in car grant.

Tesla promises the car will have a minimum range of 215 miles and a 0-60mph time of just six seconds, with faster models likely to enter the range to entice hardcore fans.

The brand’s Autopilot hardware will be fitted as standard, but unlike the Model S, the Model 3 won’t have free access to the Supercharger network – owners will have to pay.

Tesla Pick-up

Price: From £40,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

This may seem unfathomable to UK buyers, but the pick-up truck market is still huge in the US, which is why American electric car pioneer Tesla would be crazy not to introduce a battery-powered rival for the Ford F-150 and its big-selling rivals.

If our exclusive image is anything to go by, then the new model would have a softer look than a conventional truck, while the double-cab design means it would be spacious for families. There’s no word on payload or pulling ability, although the bigger issue will be the car’s range from a single charge with a full load.

Toyota Supra

Price: From £50,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

An extremely famous name from Toyota’s past will make a return in 2018, when the all-new Supra sports car hits showrooms.

The all-new contender has been developed in conjunction with BMW, although the Supra will be a coupe while the German brand’s car will be a replacement for the Z4 roadster.

Both cars will feature a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout, while the Supra is likely to get styling that has been inspired by the Toyota FT-1 concept seen at 2014’s Detroit Motor Show.

Initially the new coupe should be fitted with a straight-six turbo petrol engine, although bosses have already hinted that a hybrid model could tie in with the company’s sportscar racing programme.

Volkswagen Polo

Price: From £12,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

There’s an all-new Volkswagen Polo supermini on the way, and our exclusive image reveals that its looks will be an evolution of the current car’s.

The new Polo will use the small A0 version of the VW Group’s MQB platform (shared with the Audi A1), while engineers will be focused on delivering upmarket interior quality, impeccable refinement and plenty of boot and passenger space.

Powering the new Polo will be a range of ultra-efficient petrol and diesel engines, although the focus is likely to be on the petrol powerplants. A spicy GTI version is likely to join the line-up, too. 

Volkswagen Polo SUV

Price: From £15,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

As well as an all-new version of the Polo, Volkswagen will bring a Nissan Juke-rivalling crossover to showrooms in 2018.

It will use the same platform and engines as the supermini, although it’s likely that the model range will be narrower, and offered in higher trims only.

The styling is set to take inspiration from the firm’s T-Cross Concept, so it will have a more adventurous look than the Polo, although like rivals such as the Peugeot 2008, the new VW crossover may not be available with four-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Touareg

Price: From £44,000 (est) 
On sale: 2018

Volkswagen’s all-new 2018 Touareg will use the same platform as the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga, so will feature plenty of lightweight materials to boost its efficiency. There’s every chance that the new Touareg will be offered in diesel and plug-in hybrid guises, too.

The model was previewed by the T-Prime Concept from this year’s Beijing Motor Show, and we understand a separate seven-seat SUV is also being developed by VW.

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