Best Cell Phone Motorola L7


Motorola is packaged with everything needed to transfer favorite iTunes collections from a PC to the mobile phone, including a pre-installed 512 MB MicroSD card, A/C charger, USB cable, stereo headset, 3.5 MM headset adapter, and iTunes software

Similar to the original SLVR, this updated GSMversion offers EDGE Class 10 data capability, a 1.3 Mega Pixel camera, a new KRZR style keypad and Stereo Bluetooth connectivity Motorola L7 the buds are handy for dual music listening/conversation usage. Hearing your conversation through twin earphones vastly increases comprehension, and center placement of the cord clip on a lapel eliminates the need for idiotically holding the mic up to your mouth. Callers reported relatively clear sound at their end using the earbud/mic, even while walking down a noisy street.

The Motorola L7 has an attractive overall design. Motorola L7 also comes with an integrated iTunes player, Bluetooth, a sharp display, a TransFlash card slot, and a speakerphone, as well as solid call and music-audio quality. Apple released iTunes 7.0.1 which allowed the SLVR to be compatible with iTunes yet again, but would not allow songs purchased with iTunes 7.0 to be played on a SLVR phone. iTunes 7.0.2 allows songs purchased on the iTunes Store to play on the SLVR. Please purchase on

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