Ben Heck’s Xbox Slim Teardown


There are few things that Ben Heck loves more than to teardown the newest gaming console release, watch how he unboxes the XBox One S and takes apart each component as he goes, including the controller. We learn how cost savings have been made with design alterations to the chassis and the printed circuit boards. Ben also compares the XBox One S side by side with the original XBox One and discovers that a connector is missing, which one could it be? The power supply is one major change with the new XBox console, compared to the early days where it was practically a huge brick! Ben also highlights the changes in the CPU/GPU heatsink and the limitations of hacking the HDMI ports on the board while considering if it can be turned into a laptop. Do you think there’s something else we can do with it? Let us know on the element14 Community, where you can learn about upcoming episodes and join The Ben Heck Show team.

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  1. Can you ditch the laptop idea and make a slimmer system or design it for cars or something if you do slim make it as this asthe motherboard and heat sink trust me it would be cooler if you showed us how slim an xbox one can really be!

  2. The top of the inner metal case came off easy isn't it screwed in to the bottom half? or do those huge green screws hold both top and bottom metal cases together anyone know???

  3. you mad a mistake you said lower volts = higher amps.
    I think you got it mistaken with the lower the resistance the higher the amps because using ohm law you can see more volts equals more amps and less amps equals less volts.

  4. Xbox one slim does 4K game scaling 4K blu rays ect. PS4 slim only does 4K streaming and scaling. So xbox has the 1 up. Plus I thought the PS4 Slim power suppy was small xbox 1s is much small. 2 up for xbox. Xbox one looks better 3 up for xbox. And lastly is cheaper bigger hdd hdmi in and out. 6 up for xbox. Wait for Scorpio lol

  5. 18:25 TMDS (HDMI) actually uses three differential pairs on three "channels". The other pair is PLL/clock. As for those TDMS traces, only one runs to the chipset as it's HDMI input or capture. The other HDMI ports runs to a TMDS controller and from there directly to the APU.

  6. would love to see a SSD in a console hopefully Scorpio will have one, it would likely speed up gaming load time also system startup time.

  7. still no easy removable hdd design in xb1 s. it is a no buy for me. if scorpio gonna design in same epic fail design, then no buy for me.

  8. WHY WHY WHY did they switch to a shit azz HDD company with a failure rate of 75% plus????  STUPID….I don't even want one now….I guess i'll just buy the black big one again from  🙂   I don't trust SeaGate

  9. sure the heatsink is smaller… at the original one they want the console turned on 24/7, always on, so it has to be cooled pretty good – also the powersupply. now they learned and see that people just turn the console on if they use it, so no need for much cooling

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