Be Safe With The Pandora Battery


People with the Sony Playstation Portable can use the Pandora battery for unbricking as well as upgrading it. It is normally used with a memory stick that has an updated firmware you can install in your PSP. This makes it possible to have new programs in your system such as games to play and new wallpapers to make the system more useful to you. Sony provides this battery for people to unbrick their products and it is advisable to use it since it is approved.

There is the fat and slim Pandora battery available in the market. The Fat Pandora battery unlocks fat batteries unlike the slim one which can be used for both fat and slim batteries. Using a fat Pandora battery on a machine with slim battery may brick it or cause some damage to both the battery and the PSP hence it is advisable not to use this combination. Unless your system is completely damaged, the Pandora battery should be able to unbrick it easily.

Pandora Battery can be found online on a number of sites but you should only get it from an authorized dealer. This will prevent you from being sold something of low quality which may cause more damage to your PSP. Your PSP may brick due to many reasons one of them being the presence of malicious software. The good thing with using a Pandora Battery to unbrick PSP is that you can reuse it again together with the memory stick.

The prices of the Pandora battery will depend on the dealer from which you get it and since the memory sticks come in different capacities, prices will depend on that too. You can get a 2, 4 or 8 GB memory stick and both the battery and memory stick are safe to use.

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