BabelGreenBox brings the combination of nature and technology to your home

Morocco is experiencing a high rate of urbanization, which is causing cities to grow without taking into account the green spaces that surround it. BabelGreenBox is responsible for the conception, design and installation of above-ground plant growing systems for individuals and businesses in the urban environment.

The initial concept

BabelGreenBox is a social startup that designs and produces decorative above-ground plant systems using hydroponics technology to allow its customers to have their own green spaces at home, whether in their apartments or in their work premises.

The business model

We design and produce standard decorative systems adapted to the needs of our client and according to their preferences in collaboration with artisans in different fields, hence the social aspect of the project.


We mainly target small businesses that have offices in the urban environment and want to equip them with plants without worrying about watering. Our main customers are therefore Coworking spaces and communication agencies. We also target individuals who wish to have their own green spaces but who do not have gardens at home on the Tangier Rabat axis.

The differentiation

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors thanks to our value proposition:

– The systems / pots that we offer require a minimum of effort since the irrigation is done by itself.

– Our systems can be hung on the wall which optimizes small spaces.

– We also offer the possibility of personalizing the product.

The potential market

We collaborated with a few companies and individuals who believed in us, which allowed us to considerably improve our product thanks to their feedback and to ensure the potential of the project. We are soon targeting the African market and the MENA region.

The start

BabelGreenBox is in its first year of existence rich in experiences and learning. The team is growing as well as the number of our partners.

We are supported by 2 incubation programs: Orange Corners Morocco, which is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in partnership with MCISE (Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship) as well as the 1000 FIKRA program, a partnership between Afriquia and MCISE too. These two programs provide us with the support and mentoring necessary to move forward on our project. The official launch of the project is therefore planned for the end of the Orange Corners Morocco program in its second edition, in early March. We are impatient to take this next step which will no doubt be full of challenges.


To reach our goal, we need funding to reach a large number of customers and create more impact. We are also targeting Win-Win partnerships and partneships to further improve our products and reach more customers.


We delivered our first boxes and received positive feedback from our first customers. We will soon launch two standard solutions to meet the needs of customers who are not looking for product customization in collaboration with two local artisans.

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