Your Industry News | Motorola Solutions sets out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Motorola Solutions sets out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

The opening of Motorola Solutions’ London Innovation Centre this month will showcase how new software and services are empowering public safety
Public safety agencies are under enormous pressure in an ever-changing world. Threats are getting more complex, populations are growing, budgets are under pressure, and constant scrutiny is leading to even greater demands for accountability.
Motorola Solutions believes the right information at the right time, supported by intelligent innovations can help relieve some of this burden. Automation can trigger a series of actions to make response times quicker, and big data can be analysed for trends and behaviours, to help identify the most significant and high priority threats. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a public safety setting is transformative – enabling agencies to potentially predict incidents before they occur.
Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Motorola Solutions marks the opening of its Innovation Centre in London by setting out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society.
The centre showcases technologies including CommandCentral Analytics, used to support decisions on areas to patrol; showing an application of AI working with Natural Language Processing software, to help officers interact with backend systems and retrieve critical intelligence; and Future Fire Incident Command Concept, demonstrating how the use of Mixed Reality technology by an Incident Commander at the scene can improve situational awareness and the safety of firefighters.
The event that took place explored how data and intelligent solutions can empower public safety organisations to more effectively predict and respond to incidents – even before they occur.
Motorola Solutions technologies showcased how innovations could free up time for public safety agencies. For example, in law enforcement these solutions span before, during and after an incident strengthening the chain of custody for evidence and ultimately helping improve the entire criminal justice system.
“Society is being transformed by technology, and public safety is too. Next-generation solutions can help public safety enhance workflow, boost efficiency and ultimately improve safety and outcomes,” explains Eduardo Conrado, EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at ‎Motorola Solutions.
“Public safety organisations need not only the technology and tools to meet their evolving needs, but also a partner with specialised knowledge and experience to understand their challenges, find solutions and imagine new ways to get the job done.”
50 Years of Innovation in the UK

Motorola Solutions has a rich heritage of aiding public safety in the UK over the last five decades. Its innovations span pioneering cellular phones and systems in the mid-80s, to introducing the world’s first TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) nationwide digital radio network, which is the basis for Airwave – the network went live in 2005 based on Motorola Solutions´ TETRA technology and currently powers public safety communications in the country. 
In 1994, the company developed radio, cable and antenna systems for the newly opened Channel Tunnel between England and France, and in 1998 CityLink Telecommunications consortium, which included Motorola, was selected to replace and manage the radio transmission services for the entire London Underground Tube network.
Meanwhile, in 2004, Motorola Solutions was selected to provide over 30,000 MTH800 digital radios for Metropolitan Police Service officers to use on the Airwave nationwide TETRA communications network. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s command and control system went live in May that year and Motorola Solutions supplied and implemented the system.

In 2015, Motorola Solutions was chosen to provide user services, system integration and critical functionality for the UK’s next generation LTE Emergency Services Network (ESN).

In 2016, PRONTO, a mobile applications suite provided by Airwave for workflows in the field, now underpins over a third of the UK police forces. As the technology has become more widely adopted, police forces have seen a dramatic increase in officer efficiency – from vehicle registration checks and issuing speeding tickets, to testing for the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Motorola Solutions moved its Europe, Middle East and Africa regional headquarters to the heart of London in 2017.

“Over the past 50 years, we have developed close relationships with many public safety organisations and commercial customers in the UK,” said Phil Jefferson, vice president for Western Europe and North Africa, and country manager UK and Ireland at ‎Motorola Solutions. “We are proud to support the UK users with our communications, services and applications that will help make public safety and commercial users even more effective in their work to protect and assist UK citizens.” 

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Nvidia reveals Need for Speed Payback system requirements and a new 4K trailer

Last month, Nvidia delivered a showroom-fresh 4K, 60 fps trailer for EA’s upcoming racing game Need for Speed Payback. This month, it’s done much the
same thing—but this time we’ve got some system requirements too. 

Origin still lists Payback’s required hardware as “coming soon,” but Nvidia’s breakdown is pretty clear, and at this point I think it’s fair to acknowledge that they know what they’re talking about. Obviously there are no AMD display cards listed, but the “or equivalent” part should be easy enough to figure out, at least until EA gets around to nailing down specifics. Here’s what’s what: 

Minimum Requirements For 720p30 At Low Settings:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
  • CPU: Intel i3 6300 @ 3.8GHz or AMD FX 8150 @ 3.6GHz with 4 hardware threads
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Disc Drive: DVD ROM drive required for installation only
  • Hard Drive: 30GB
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti or GTX 1050, or equivalent
  • DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Input: Dual analog controller
  • Online Connection Requirements: 192 KBPS or faster Internet connection

Recommended Requirements For 1080p60 At High Settings:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
  • CPU: Intel i5 4690K @ 3.5GHz or AMD FX 8350 @ 4.0GHz with 4 hardware threads
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disc Drive: DVD ROM drive required for installation only
  • Hard Drive: 30GB
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, or equivalent
  • DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Input: Dual analog controller
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection     

Nvidia didn’t get into the necessary kit needed to make the magic happen in 4K, but added that a GeForce GTX 1070, 1080, or 1080 Ti “will enable you to further increase graphical fidelity, or up the resolution, giving you an experience in line with the one shown” in the new 4K gameplay trailer.   

Need for Speed Payback is set to come out on November.

The Apple Check out is even now the a person to defeat

The sheen has worn off of wearables. The pack has started to thin, and even industry leaders like Fitbit felt the pinch. There are a couple exceptions, of study course. At the reduced finish, corporations like Xiaomi have promptly develop into industry-share leaders, courtesy of $15 exercise bands. And then, of study course, there is Apple.

The Apple Check out has succeeded by actively playing to the company’s strengths, offering a unified hardware/computer software answer that created the most of the product’s restricted display screen actual estate. The end result was a uncommon issue: a smartwatch that individuals basically purchased. So it is not genuinely a shock the enterprise hasn’t futzed with the method a lot in two generations. In actuality, the small pink accenting on the Watch’s crown is genuinely just a little bit of supporter company to aid wearers distinguish their system a bit from older types.

Subsequent types have been far more about refinement than redefinition. Last time out, it was a more quickly processor, GPS and neat small speaker doohickey that spit out drinking water immediately after a swim. Factors have gotten more quickly again, this time out, but all any individual is genuinely conversing about is, understandably, LTE. As is frequently the case, Apple is not the initially enterprise to provide the engineering (both Samsung and LG have defeat it to the punch), but it is the finest positioned to produce in a way that will cause wearers to rethink the way they interact with their devices.

Return to the wrist

I’ve been residing with the Check out for several days now. As someone who regularly cycles as a result of wearables as component of operate (it is a residing), it is fantastic to have an Apple Check out on my wrist again. It is common, it is consumer-pleasant and it is a pleasant in good shape — that last is evenly doubly so, many thanks to the new Sporting activities Loop band, which appears to be just all right, but is palms-down the most snug smartwatch strap I’ve tried therefore far. Though, the velcro/nylon combo, whilst straightforward, will almost certainly degrade rather promptly with recurring fastening and unfastening — a bummer for a $50 strap.

In standard, the company’s accomplished a a lot much better career than most creating a wearable that just suits comfortably. They’ve generally supplied two dimension possibilities, but even the greater 44mm frame is a a lot much better in good shape than a vast majority of smartwatches that overwhelm the wrist with gadgetry. The Apple Check out sits flush when paired with the nylon sports loop, I frequently forgot I was putting on the issue — anything I couldn’t say when I don the cartoonishly significant Equipment S3.

As far as basically employing the issue goes, the actuality of the make a difference is the most essential apps are the very same they’ve generally been. It is not that the lookup for the killer smartwatch application has absent unfulfilled, it is far more that there will almost certainly in no way be a single killer a person. Like the smartphone, the price of the system is far more about the sum of its parts. For the extensive vast majority of end users, no single application is ample to justify the $200-$300 price tag, but taken jointly, a handful of distinct applications have the probable to meaningfully effects your regimen working day to working day.

Cellular phone, home

And for some, the addition of LTE could rework items nevertheless again. As with the broader smartwatch category, LTE is not a aspect for absolutely everyone — or at minimum not a aspect absolutely everyone will come to feel is a required addition to their lives. I discover myself falling rather firmly into that category, therefore far. I’ve accomplished a small little bit of functioning all around the streets of San Francisco in purchase to exam the aspect and, you know, steer clear of an early dying, and that’s the a person occasion it is truly come in handy.

Runners undoubtedly know the perpetual soreness in the ass that is attempting to determine out what do with your smartphone. The arrival of Bluetooth earbuds have absent a approaches towards alleviating some of that soreness, and addition of LTE to smartwatches is the subsequent main step in that procedure. As soon as you consider the check out out of range of the connected cellphone, four dots pop up in the center of the default check out experience.

It is a little bit liberating, and feels like taking child methods towards curing a 24/7 smartphone habit. The blend of the tech alongside with on-board apps like Apple Pay and Maps means you can basically carry out a rather massive portion of what most individuals do on their cellphone. There are even now restrictions, of study course, generally owing to the restricted display screen actual estate, but the addition of Siri’s voice, now created right into the check out, is a fantastic operate all around — and pretty probably the finest argument for Apple’s wise assistant to date.

Audio streaming is a massive blind location at start. Let’s be honest, that’s as essential to a runner as any exercise application. Apple Audio streaming is arriving subsequent month — in the meantime, there are the regular workarounds, like employing the watch’s storage to preserve stuff locally in advance of you go out for a run. But it is a bummer — and a little bit surprising — that the enterprise wasn’t ready to get the performance labored out in time. You can also be expecting the performance for other key streaming solutions like Spotify — assuming, of study course, they are eager to add it on their finish.

All pleasant performance to have on the go, but in the days I’ve been putting on the check out, I’ve been straining to come up with quite a few situations in my personal everyday living outdoors of functioning wherever untethering myself from my cellphone is required — or even especially practical. Tech pundits breathlessly talked up the product’s sport-shifting probable when the Apple Check out 3 was small far more than grist for the Apple rumor mill. Who understands, maybe the guarantee of unhooking their cellphone for the initially time in modern memory will lead to far more end users to go with out it.

We can operate it out

In the meantime, however, it is no coincidence that LTE’s primary little bit of actual entire world usefulness relates right to exercise. As Apple’s personal merchandise has matured, the enterprise plainly acquired the very same lesson as absolutely everyone else: Physical fitness is not just the primary driver for the reduced finish of the industry. The guarantee of supporting end users make healthier options is also driving the superior finish. That is precisely the wager Fitbit created when it made a decision to go all in with the Ionic, and it is promptly develop into the centerpiece of the new Apple Check out.

A strong vast majority of announcements the enterprise has created for the earlier two generations of the system have associated right to exercise and overall health. Earlier in the calendar year, the enterprise introduced GymKit, a progress platform aimed at creating Apple Check out compatibility as ubiquitous in Physical fitness Facilities as 30-pin iPod docks once were (and, unfortunately in the case of quite a few lodge gyms I go to, keep on to be).

Above four comprehensive functioning method upgrades, exercise has come to dominate the encounter, from functions like functioning and swimming, to passive notifications integrating your day by day functions together with textual content messages and cellphone phone calls.The capabilities also echo Apple’s curiosity in extending past exercise into standard overall health. Following all, as the enterprise eagerly pointed out onstage last week, the Watch’s heart-price watch is the world’s most broadly deployed — which in convert, practically undoubtedly will make it a person of the most broadly deployed overall health displays, period of time.

That will make for a rather strong instrument in its wearers’ day by day lives, and Apple will fortunately cite a number of incidents in which individuals have avoided disaster when the check out detected an abnormally superior heart price whilst resting. It is an interesting perception into what is to come, and a rather fantastic argument as it continues to solution the massive healthcare corporations about partnerships. The Apple Check out will in no way be a appropriate medical system by Fda expectations, but it even now has probable to do a whole lot of fantastic.

Encounter off

The inside of, alongside with the outdoors, hasn’t adjusted far too a lot. Storage has doubled for the LTE edition to 16GB, which is fantastic for caching stuff and also means you are going to be ready to store far more tunes whilst you wait for Apple Audio streaming to go stay. The biggest adjustments, however, are the addition of the twin-main Apple S3 + Apple wireless W2 chip. Offered the light-weight mother nature of quite a few of the Apple Check out apps, you could not see a large variation, working day to working day, but the processing improvements provide a pair of essential additions that obviously are key to creating the full LTE encounter operate.

It took the new processor to lastly get Siri speaking back again to you as a result of the created-in speaker. It would seem like a smaller issue, but the Apple Check out is Siri’s most practical application to date. I rarely use the wise assistant’s voice performance on my cellphone. Possibly I just in no way genuinely bought utilized to it — but far more to the place, it is just a lot easier to sort. When you’re working with 1.65 inches, that’s not genuinely an alternative.

Chatting to the check out is just way a lot easier than typing a letter at a time — and whilst the computer software does a fantastic career changing finger scribbles into letters, producing everything but a brief textual content is a chore. I’m also amazed to say that I did not discover the act of conversing to my check out tremendous uncomfortable. Maybe many years of Dick Tracy have prepared us for the inevitability, but taking a brief call on the check out in a loud environment basically variety of labored — and I managed to not come to feel like an idiot in the procedure.

The W2 wireless chip, in the meantime, addresses the single biggest difficulty of bringing an LTE smartwatch into the entire world: battery. All of the concerns and the jokes in the guide up to the Watch’s launch revolved all around this a person key concern, for the reason that a wearable is only as fantastic as its battery everyday living. Apple explained onstage that the Check out really should get about 18 several hours on a demand — and I observed that wasn’t all that far off. With the check out untethered and LTE fired up, I created it as a result of a comprehensive working day, no difficulty.

Of study course, there are a pair of caveats right here — namely the actuality that Apple Audio performance hasn’t been rolled out. If you’re paying out a whole lot of time employing the check out to stream new music, the battery’s going to consider a massive strike. And whilst Apple’s accomplished an admirable career protecting battery everyday living whilst adding cellular, the enterprise requirements to try to enhance the battery with just about every subsequent edition.

For its flaws, Fitbit’s Ionic is environment the bar extremely superior with a promised four days of battery. The guarantee of genuinely ubiquitous action and rest tracking will not be attained when devices even now want to be billed just about every time the wearable goes to bed for the evening. It is a lofty aim in these a smaller kind component, but Fitbit fortunately implies that it is not out of the realm of probability.

Get and mobile

I can’t complain about a career that forces me to continuously cycle as a result of new wearables. As at any time, I’m enthusiastic for the subsequent issue on my plate, but, as also, Apple has established a superior bar. Like its predecessor, the Series 3 is generally a motor vehicle for refinement. LTE aside, there is small or practically nothing right here that justifies the price tag of improve in excess of last year’s design. Apple bought the smartwatch issue rather ideal on its initially stab, and just about every era will make the merchandise that a lot much better.

As for LTE, if I were buying a new Apple Check out ideal now, I’d have to give the full issue a critical deliberation. The price tag gulf in between $329 and $399 is not insignificant for most of us. But far more to the place, the more $10 a month you are going to be adding to your plan surely adds up. Granted, it is a pair of cups of espresso, but these days, $10 every month company costs are starting up to eat a rather sizable portion of our paychecks.

But if that’s the a person issue standing in between you and a small far more phoneless independence in your everyday living, maybe it is really worth the price tag of admission. We can all almost certainly benefit from cutting our caffeine intake.

Call Of Duty WW2: New story details exclusively revealed

For Glen Schofield, war is personalized. The co-founder of Sledgehammer Games and match director for the forthcoming Get in touch with Of Duty: WW2, will come from a household steeped in the armed service. “My father would tell me stories of my grandfather remaining in Entire world War II, of him battling,” he tells GQ. “And then my father was in the armed service for Vietnam. He died for the duration of the generating of this match, so we named the primary character after him – Purple – because my grandfather had offered him that nickname for the duration of the war.”

Get in touch with Of Duty isn’t a franchise known for its fragile sensibilities, but with COD: WW2 that has adjusted significantly to target much more on tale and the figures therein. It’s a change of direction that was sorely required after the series had strayed further and further into sci-fi absurdity – a choice that induced it to get rid of its narrative punch.

“You will not enjoy as a German in the solitary participant,” Schofield clarifies after we check out the game’s initial tale trailer, “but you do enjoy as other Allies. You enjoy as a feminine French resistance soldier, as an RAF pilot, and as a tank commander. But it all will come back to Ronald “Red” Daniels. He’s a child from Texas and it’s a tale about him and his brother. They essentially stroll by means of France, with 60lbs on their back, a 10lb weapon and awful devices. You will liberate Paris, but then it goes to hell yet again. We exhibit the euphoria and then the letdown.”

Make no miscalculation, Schofield assures us, this is certainly continue to an action romp with an explosive thrust, but it’s pitched in another way to encapsulate the perception of dread that hung around the era. “If you assume about a town like Aachen, which was 80 percent ruined,” he says, “we put you in the middle of that with a tank. We manufactured technological know-how just for that stage so we could ruin all the properties. It’s a diverse sort of spectacle.”

To bolster the historical precision of this massive new undertaking, Sledgehammer enlisted the companies of Marty Morgan, an qualified historian who specialises in the Entire world Wars. Want to know which insignia goes where on a soldier’s uniform, for the duration of a precise period of the conflict? Doubtful what guns really should and shouldn’t be on the Western Entrance? He’s your person.

“Sometimes obtaining this information can be distressing,” says Morgan. “I viewed Saving Personal Ryan develop mythologies that did not exist. There is a sniper character in it and he’s making use of the mistaken rifle and it’s bought the mistaken scope. It’s a rifle only used by the United States Marine Corps, and was hardly ever used in Europe at any point. The tale goes that, on established when they put the right firearm in the hand of the actor, Spielberg was like, ‘What the hell’s that, that does not seem like a sniper scope at all’. So they went with the much more cinematic sniper scope. It developed this mythology that proceeds to linger 20 many years later.”

No such compromises in this match, while it does have a Hollywood patina. “What I have identified is that there’s an underlying quality bar that you have to hit,” says Schofield. “We arrived around to perform on Get in touch with Of Duty and it was there I realised I have gotta elevate my bar even better. Since there’s 25 million people today playing this match.” As an example, he factors to a minute in Get in touch with of Duty: WW2 showcasing a armed service practice that, of class, finishes up crumpled. “I’d contact Marty up and say, ‘I require a practice. I require a extremely important practice. Around the April of 1944.’ He arrived back with 4 diverse kinds, we narrowed it down to two, and the closing 1 was much more attention-grabbing than what I was coming up with myself.” The result is what Schofield describes as 1 of the series’ most important established-piece moments ever: “The crash of our practice is major.”

By considerably the team’s most important challenge was no lengthier obtaining obtain to the match mechanics afforded by the futuristic options of recent CoD game titles. Options like the increase bounce and wall operate, which authorized considerably larger environmental dynamism, certainly just cannot exist in the Forties environment. “When we initial began we had been like, ‘Oh shit, there’s not that a lot of weapons’,” Schofield proceeds. “Then Marty began exhibiting us almost everything and we realised very speedily that the problem of assortment was not likely to be the dilemma. It was likely to be, ‘Can we make up for the absence of a increase bounce in diverse ways?’

“That’s when we went heavier on tale. Just by looking at what transpired in Entire world War II the action just will come out to you, it’s now there. In Entire world War II they had 2000lb bombs and the properties had been from the 14th century, so when they blew up they… just… exploded. Or they’d fall 50 bombs just to get 1 household. Matters had been very huge back then.”

Morgan has evidently had a massive affect on the inventive method at Sledgehammer. “We did a journey with Marty where we went from Luxembourg all the way by means of France, Belgium and into Germany,” Schofield says. “We went in the middle of winter we had been in three or 4 ft of snow, blizzard circumstances, and there’s continue to foxholes out there. We had been so considerably away from civilisation and there’s continue to foxholes and trenches alongside the sides of the road. We noticed carvings in the trees. I remember we’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s a large 60 ton King Tiger tank just still left because they couldn’t move the damn detail. It’s gigantic.”

The studio might be somewhat driving the curve after previous year’s Good War-era Battlefield 1, but Sledgehammer is hitting the suitable notes in terms of diversifying the formulation and toeing a fragile line involving historical precision and Hollywood amusement.

“We’ve performed stuff in another way on this match,” concludes Schofield, detailing how a great deal further his team has long gone into producing plot. “At the starting you are likely to see a film for a few of minutes – you are likely to see a few much more throughout. It’s continue to a shooter, but you’ll see a large amount of personality and a large amount of diverse people today. We don’t shy away from some of the huge points. There was racism, sexism, and all the brutalities. If it’s section of the tale we tell it. But at the similar time, we do make a distinction involving Nazis and Germans. Just one of the initial points we did was discuss to people today from Germany and people today claimed to us, ‘I’m a German not a Nazi’. We make positive we have that distinction in there as effectively – the human aspect of both sides.”

Get in touch with Of Duty: WW2 is out on 3 November for PS4, Xbox Just one and Personal computer

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Destiny 2 Bright Engrams: here’s how much Silver costs, and what you can and can’t buy with it

Destiny 2’s microtransactions completely sorted out: Silver, Silver Dust, Bright Engrams and Eververse explained, complete with prices.

Alongside Destiny 2’s launch, the in-game microtransactions store, Eververse Trading Company, has opened its doors to sell Bright Engrams. Let’s break it down as part of our Destiny 2 guide series.

Tess Everis, the vendor at Eververse, will regularly hand out free rewards including shaders, weapon mods and even low-level gear. Her real function, however, is to sell and decrypt Bright Engrams.

Bright Engrams are Destiny 2’s loot boxes, can be earned for free in-game or purchased via microtransaction. The contents are randomised, similar to loot boxes in other games.

You earn Bright Engrams every time you level up past 20, or potentially whenever you reach a new faction reputation level with any of the NPCs that you can grind faction rep with.

If you’d rather pay up, Eververse accepts two in-game currencies – Silver and Bright Dust. Silver is purchased with real money and used to buy Bright Engrams. Bright Dust is obtained by dismantling items found in Bright Engrams, or sometimes as part of the contents of a Bright Engram, and is used to buy individual items.

By the way, Eververse is first accessible upon reaching the Farm, Destiny 2’s first social space, but you’ll need to reach level 20 before you can begin purchasing Bright Engrams or individual customisation items.


What’s inside Bright Engrams?

Bright Engrams each contain a random assortment of goodies, as outlined in-game in Destiny 2. As you’ll see in the image above, there’s a wide range of possible outcomes.

The cosmetic items you’ll find in a Bright Engram can include weapon Ornaments, new armour, emotes, sparrows, ships, shaders, mods and more.

The armour sets will drop at level one, since being able to buy high level drops for money would be a bit dodgy, but you can then Infuse them as you would any weapons or gear in Destiny 2 if you like the look.

Duplicates are a possibility, but dismantling items found in Bright Engrams will net you Bright Dust. You can then use this Bright Dust to purchase the specific goodies you’re after, if RNGesus has not blessed you.

Silver prices and Bright Engram bundles

Now onto Silver. Prices and bundles haven’t changed from the days of Destiny 1. Here’s what you’ll be paying in real-money:

  • 500 Silver – $5, £4.50
  • 1000 (+100) – $10, £8.49
  • 2000 (+300) – $20, £16.79
  • 5000 (+800) – $50, £40

You use this Silver to buy a single Bright Engram, or a bundle of three or five. One Bright Engram costs 200 Silver, three cost 500 Silver, and five will set you back 800 Silver.

Silver is now live on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, accessible in-game or directly via the Destiny 2 page on the console storefront.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4, and Xbox One.

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are now in Open Beta OS with Boot Animation

The time for open beta OS for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3Thas come and with an ugly boot animation, unfortunately.

The official changelog showed that developers worked on adding some ‘soft’ screen calibration, worked on optimizing the clearing of some recent apps, had some minor bug fixes, updated the Community app to the newest version (1.9.5) and last but not least there’s a new boot animation.

To change screen calibration to ‘soft’ you’ll have to look for the setting in the ‘display > screen’ section

The Boot Animation is Mainly Perceived as Ugly, Hideous, Awful

Why ugly? It’s ugly because it could have been better. They just added an animation with a hand continuously writing in different fonts the slogan ‘Never Settle’. There’s nothing very wrong with it but so see this long animation while re-booting is quite annoying.

A lot of users commented on forums that this animation looks bad, it’s an embarrassing booting screen, the animation is awful, hideous, a 1st April joke and so on.

You can see the new animation in open beta builds 15 and 24 for both OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

Aside from the ugly animation users hope that the new animation is temporary and will not be here to stay with us too much.

Developers have written in their changelog on the official forum that they are happy to receive any bugs that users have encountered. All they have to is go to the feedback section on the OnePlus forums and report the bugs.

Meanwhile, all redditers and users on OnePlus forums hope for a different boot animation that will feature a cleaner and minimal animation.

Criticism is constructive and OnePlus fans hope that the design team will change their minds on this boot animation that won’t do justice to what the OnePlus smartphones have to offer, like a great AMOLED screen.

How iOS 11 frees up space on your iPhone or iPad

Running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad is a total drag. It slows down your device and can make it impossible to download files or perform other essential tasks.

With iOS 11, Apple takes some serious steps to free up space on iOS devices. Here’s a quick look at how Apple will ease the pain when iOS 11 lands this fall, with instructions for taking advantage of the new features.

How iOS 11 boosts storage space

These features built into iOS 11 will come in handy for anybody in danger of maxing out their device’s storage capacity. Some work automatically, but others require a bit of user intervention.

From smarter file management to entirely new options, iOS 11 really does make it easy to reduce bloat. These features should prove especially useful to anyone using an older device with a skimpy 16GB of storage. Here’s how to take advantage and lighten your device’s load once you’re running iOS 11.

Offload unused apps

offload apps iOS 11
Offloading an app deletes it but keeps documents and data so you can restore it later from the App Store.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

If you’re someone like me who tries a bunch of apps but never uses them later, this feature might get you excited. Essentially, iOS 11 can automatically delete unused apps without deleting their documents and data. This works well, particularly for large apps that store a small amount of data.

Space-hogging apps also can be removed on demand, without worries about deleting associated documents and data. If you reinstall the app from the App Store later, its data will be restored automatically.

Since less-savvy users might freak out about apps disappearing automatically, Apple disabled the feature by default. To enable it, go to

Storage management recommendations

recommendations iOS 11 storage
iOS 11’s new storage management section offers recommendations to free up space.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

To view the updated iOS 11 storage management section, navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here, you should see a breakdown of your storage by apps, photos, mail, etc. If you scroll down, you can see the space occupied by each app. (It also displays the last used time, so you can easily uninstall an app you’ve abandoned.)

Best of all, you’ll also find recommendations on how to free up space. Here are some suggestions iOS 11 offers:

  • iCloud Photo Library: iOS 11 offers to automatically upload your entire photo library to iCloud, saving you space on your iOS device.
  • “Recently Deleted” Album:  Pictures removed from the iOS Photos app remain in the “Recently Deleted” album, queued up for obliteration. iOS 11 gives you the option of deleting this album permanently with one tap.
  • Auto Delete Old Conversations: This option can remove all iMessage messages and attachments sent or received more than a year ago.
  • Review Personal Videos: This option lists all the videos taking up valuable space on your device, then gives you the optionto delete them.
  • Messages on iCloud: All your iMessages and attachments can be uploaded to iCloud to save space on your device. (This option also displays the amount of space you’ll save by uploading them to iCloud.)

HEIF: A more efficient image format

HEIF image format
HEIF offers better image quality than JPEG. Better yet, HEIF images come in roughly half the size of JPEGs.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

For more than two decades, JPEG served as the web’s de-facto image format. With iOS 11, Apple replaces JPEG with High Efficiency Image Format, or HEIF. And with good reason: HEIF files look better and come in at up roughly half the size of JPEGs. Essentially, this means you can store twice as many photos in the same space. HEIF also might be a viable replacement format for Live Photos and GIFs.

iOS 11 uses HEIF as the default file format for photos, but converts HEIF to JPEG upon exporting to maintain compatibility. For more details on the format, read our explainer: Everything you need to know about the JPEG-killing HEIF format Apple is adopting.

Double iCloud storage at the same price

Apple offers 5GB of free iCloud storage to all Apple users, but that might not be enough considering the increasing reliance of iCloud in iOS 11. So, the company doubled the high-end iCloud storage plan from 1TB to 2TB, while keeping the price tag at $9.99 per month.

Unfortunately, entry-level iCloud plans did not get the same treatment, but at least Apple is taking a step in the right direction. Also, multiple users can share an iCloud storage plan with Family Sharing in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

While not an iOS 11 feature, this certainly reflects Apple’s efforts to mitigate iOS storage woes (albeit by leveraging the power of iCloud). Also, the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes with up to half a terabyte of storage (512GB). While it might seem like overkill for some people, that level of storage could prove essential for those who consider the iPad to be a legit replacement for Mac.

With all these improvements, Apple seems totally committed to tackling storage problems on iOS devices. We couldn’t be happier.

Empowering Youthful Minds In all places: 5 Teams Advance to Remaining Spherical of USD 15M Worldwide Finding out XPRIZE

New York, United States, Sep 20: These days, XPRIZE, the worldwide leader in building and functioning incentive competitions to resolve humanity’s grand issues, announced the 5 finalists advancing in the USD 15M Worldwide Finding out XPRIZE and awarded each and every finalist a USD 1M milestone prize.

Unveiled at this year’s Social Fantastic Summit held during the United Nations Typical Assembly 7 days, XPRIZE awarded each and every finalist for the open source, reducing-edge discovering software they have developed for the level of competition, which issues innovators all around the earth to create scalable methods that will allow kids to educate by themselves fundamental studying, writing and arithmetic within just 15 months. The 5 finalist groups will begin industry testing their education and learning technological innovation methods this November in Tanzania.

“Common accessibility to education and learning is a important precedence for XPRIZE, and we are happy to rejoice the transform-building groups building extraordinary strides to make certain each individual single baby has the opportunity to acquire discovering into her very own arms,” mentioned Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation. “The top methods born from this level of competition could offer the essential to unlocking literacy for kids most in will need, giving them accessibility to an education and learning they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

The following 5 finalist groups were being picked from a industry of 198 groups by an impartial judging panel of 11 specialists:
•CCI (New York, United States) is establishing structured and sequential tutorial programs, in addition to a system searching for to allow non-coders to create participating discovering material in any language or subject matter region.
•Chimple (Bangalore, India) is establishing a discovering system aimed at enabling kids to study studying, writing and mathematics on a pill by means of more than 60 explorative online games and 70 diverse tales.
•Kitkit Faculty (Berkeley, United States) is establishing a discovering software with a video game-primarily based core and adaptable discovering architecture aimed at serving to kids independently study, irrespective of their understanding, skill, and natural environment.
•onebillion (British isles/Malawi/Tanzania) is merging numeracy material with new literacy materials to give directed discovering and artistic pursuits alongside continual checking to respond to diverse kid’s requires.
•RoboTutor (Pittsburgh, United States) is leveraging Carnegie Mellon’s exploration in studying and math tutors, speech recognition and synthesis, equipment discovering, academic info mining, cognitive psychology, and human-laptop or computer conversation.

“Our 5 finalists are establishing the most promising software methods to allow kids to educate by themselves fundamental studying, writing and arithmetic, as determined by our panel of skilled judges,” mentioned Matt Keller, senior director of the Worldwide Finding out XPRIZE. “As we move to the closing industry testing section, we are just one step nearer to scaling transformative technological innovation methods that foster baby-pushed discovering and offer a earth-class education and learning for all.”

To industry-take a look at the 5 finalists’ methods, the Worldwide Finding out XPRIZE partnered with the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Entire world Food Programme (WFP), and the Govt of Tanzania. Around 4,000 kids in 150 villages in the Tanga location of Tanzania will use 8,000 Pixel C tablets donated by Google to take a look at the prime software methods for around 15 months.

At the conclude of the industry testing section, the workforce whose alternative permits the greatest proficiency gains in studying, writing and arithmetic will obtain the Grand Prize of $10 million, to be announced in April 2019. Each and every of the 5 finalists will be demanded to open source both their code and their material which will be totally free and offered for any one to establish on.

An believed 250 million kids all around the earth can not read through, write, or reveal fundamental arithmetic competencies. UNESCO estimates that the earth will will need 1.6 million more academics globally, a selection established to double by 2030. The Worldwide Finding out XPRIZE will assist demonstrate that with the proper resources, kids can educate by themselves to read through, write and do arithmetic. By guaranteeing each and every finalists’ methods are open source, XPRIZE also aims to proliferate methods globally at the intersection of technological innovation and discovering.

Parrot Bebop 2 Energy — новый квадрокоптер с необычной комплектацией |

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Лавры DJI на рынке пользовательских дронов не дают покоя многим разработчикам.

Компания Parrot представила квадрокоптер Bebop 2 Energy, стоимостью €700, который получил не совсем привычную, как для устройств такого класса, комплектацию.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Сам квадрокоптер Parrot Bebop 2 Energy весьма компактный и легкий (525 г). Лучи, при этом, не складываются.

Максимальная скорость полета, если это не свободное падение, конечно, составляет 64 км/м. Дальность действия родного пульта ДУ — до 2 км.

Пульт ДУ Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Устройство оснащено 14-мегапиксельной камерой c 3-осевой стабилизацией. Типоразмер сенсора 1/2,3” (типичный для таких устройств). Для фото доступна съемка в формате Uncooked. Максимальный режим видеозаписи — Comprehensive High definition.

Bebop 2 Energy содержит целый набор различных датчиков и сенсоров, включающий GPS + GLONASS, оптический сенсор отслеживания положения (может пригодиться при запуске в помещении), позволяющих безопасно и легко управлять устройством.

Присутствуют новомодные режимы облетов для видеосъемки, также квадрокоптер умеет автоматически отслеживать выбранный объект, снимать его и лететь за ним. Конечно, есть и более простые режимы возврата «домой», облета по заданному маршруту и т. д.

Parrot Bebop 2 Energy выделяется довольно интересной комплектацией.

Помимо самого квадрокоптера с пультом ДУ Skycontroller 2 и других мелочей, в наборе идет также два аккумулятора и FPV-маска Cockpitglasses 2.

FPV-маска Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Что касается FPV-маски Cockpitglasses 2, то в ней нет встроенных экранов для глаз. Она работает как адаптер, куда необходимо установить смартфон, экран которого и будет выступать для отображения видео, поступающего с камеры Parrot Bebop 2 Energy. Решение Cockpitglasses 2 напоминает Google Cardboard и ему подобные.

Заявленное время полета устройства составляет до 30 минут. С учетом, что в комплекте идут два аккумулятора, суммарно можно добиться времени полета до одного часа. Это очень неплохо.