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Pay Monthly Phone Deals: Mobile deals on attractive pay monthly offers

Pay Monthly Phone Deals are available with Vodafone, 3G, Virgin, O2, Orange and T-mobile, it is also known as contract deals which means that you sign up with a network for a period which can be of 12, 24 or 36 months depending on the plan that you select for yourself. Signing up a pay monthly deal should offer something lucrative to feel like bonding with it, this is where these networks offers free minutes, text messages and reduced prices on local and international calls which makes it worth looking at these deals as a prospect of saving money over a period of time. There are big merchants that offer these deals with some more interesting gifts and incentives that make it a win-win situation for consumers.

Pay Monthly Phone Deals are designed for people who cant think of recharging their talk time every now and then, they need phone to stay in touch all the time, this categories people like, business man, office executives, doctors, lawyers etc. People in these professions need to keep in touch with other people related to work and they cant wait for talk time recharge or cant afford to be out of talk time balance while they are on an important call related to work. It also helps them to pay their bill after usage, customer is billed every month and a time frame is given to pay that bill, with regular payments you enjoy un-interrupted service but if it is delayed there are chances of your outgoing and incomings be barred.

On purchase of Pay Monthly Dealsyou also get entitled for free phone with all latest features; there are many handsets that are selling big time with these offers, like Sony Ericsson Aino, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6, Samsung Genio Touch and many more. Apart from this, different plans have many other gifts like Apple IPOD nano 8Gb, Nintnedo DSI, Wii fit games, X-box 360 arcade, Asus PC ,Sony PSP and Logitech mouse. The best we could say is you bring home a complete package that is worth buying for your professional and personal use.

Facebook Exec To Boycott Flying Over Trump’s Immigration Ban


A Facebook executive announced Friday that she helped organize a boycott of air travel over the next 90 days as a means to protest President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

“Last Sunday, I felt heartbroken. And I decided that I had to do something,” Regina Dugan, vice president of engineering at Facebook, wrote on her social media profile. “Before I knew it, a small rag tag team of citizen coders had formed. A designer made a logo. We put down words, took shifts, encouraged each other through sleepless nights. Two days later, was live.”

At least a handful of employees at Facebook have appeared to join the cause and pledge to either refrain from flying over the next few months, or at least travel by air less often. (RELATED: Google Boss: Trump Admin Is Going To Do ‘Evil Things’)

There are a few options for the boycott, including reducing one’s flying by 10 percent, moving or canceling one planned trip, or abstaining all together.

The point of the boycott is to “reduce flying overall by 10%” in order to make a “$5 billion statement,” according to the initiative’s website.

Dugan and organizers presumably were able to come up with the goal by comparing how many people fly each day in the U.S. (roughly 2 million, according to their numbers) and then calculating how many abstaining customers would be needed to cost the airline industry significant revenue.

“The recent protests have been inspiring and powerful. But it’s not enough for the White House to hear our voices; it must also hear the collective roar of our economic forces,” the boycott’s official page continues.

It is not exactly clear, though, how boycotting air travel will combat Trump’s executive orders and resulting immigration restrictions.

Facebook, as a company, is not involved with Dugan’s form of protest in any way, whether financially or principally, according to Business Insider.

CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, though, voiced his disapproval of Trump’s executive orders. In fact, he was just one of the many executives in the tech industry to object to the move, with at least two saying they are exploring legal options to fight the Trump administration’s temporary ban. (RELATED: Tech Bigwigs Are Getting Together To Discuss Lawsuits Against Trump)

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