AT&T price pattern adjustment benefits consumers


To provide classification services ,AT&T can target two: First, for ordinary consumers use smart phone reduces the threshold, the first win more power AT&T ordinary cell phone users to intelligence, Second, AT&T, 3% of data users excessive use of bandwidth, occupied 40% of the network resources, to this part of AT&T can more user fee.

Anyway, the majority of consumers will benefit. AT&T, 65% of the average monthly data users 200MB inadequate, i.e. by more than half above 15 dollars a month for users with the data plan, 98 percent of the average monthly intelligent cell phone users in the use of insufficient data. Therefore, even if the user data using more than the amount of monthly pay $30, it will not flow data services less $5.

Grace’s said: “for most consumers, this is a good. Reduce AT&T intelligent mobile data services price, more people will benefit from it.” Since most intelligent cell phone users don’t know oneself how data, AT&T per month for users to familiarize yourself says it will use the amount of data, users provide convenience to use data quantity per month, when 65%, 90% and 100% company will send messages to notify users.

Through the different price to provide users of choice, AT&T can attract more sensitive new customer to the price. AT&T spokesman Mark · Mark Siegel (west) said: “USES hierarchical pricing model was the main cause of single pricing model of intelligent cell phone has lost its meaning. We hope to provide people with new options, people use smart phones in different ways, we also need to provide different service package.”

AT&T is also facing fierce competition, although the operator is still apple iPhone exclusive operator, but give us no longer is the only a cool dazzle smart phone. At Google Android mobile has caused concern users. According to the market analysis organization NPD report in the first quarter, Google Android operating system first exceeding Apple iPhone operating system, become the second-biggest operation system in USA smart phone market.

NPD said in the first quarter, the operation of the equipment in the American market take share sales 28%, The blackberry USES its operating system, is the RIM in American market share for 36%, In the American market share Apple iPhone by 21%, fell from the second to the third..

The biggest competitor of AT&T, Verizon Wireless phones sales surge, benefited from Android cell phones. Last year, the mobile operators launch out the Droid MOTOROLA, this year, hongda electric incredible mobile, its appearance is similar to iPhone, time is no long, but it is already the most top-selling products of Verizon phone’s squad.

AT&T still faces competition from a small price pressure. Sprint Nextel and T – Mobile USA, its price lower service actively bound not limited data and message service prices Verizon Wireless AT&T and far below the pricing. Prepaid Mobile operators, Virgin Mobile USA hee Mobile MetroPCS, Wireless Leap and began to offer low intelligence and cell phone service plan. Sprint of Virgin Mobile Nextel provide prepaid intelligent phone service plan, low to $35 per month, including 300 minutes telephone charge and no limited data and voice call.

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