At&t Cell Phones And Apple: Best Collaboration Ever?


The iPhone is a top-tier smartphone, no doubt about it, with the help of AT&T Cell Phones of course. While a host of competition has come into the smartphone picture, a world that was once dominated by the iPhone, AT&T cell phones and Blackberry cell phones, it still appears as though the iPhone is a market favorite. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and the iPhone has had plenty of that, but who needs flattery when you’re phone is boasting some of its best number to date?

Yes, a day before Apple was set to unveil its new computer, they set a record for fourth quarter profits. Apparently they sold 8.7 million iPhones in the quarter. That’s more than they sold in all of 2008! The companies’ quarterly profit climbed from 2.3 billion a year ago to 3.4 billion this year and the total revenue between the two years went from 11.9 billion to 15.7 billion dollars. These numbers proved enough to be their best quarter ever and if the tablet does well, things might continue getting better. It’s amazing that a computing giant went from strictly manufacturing computers right into the world of cell phones with the help of ATT Cell Phones, and in the matter of four or five years. But it’s not that cut and dry, no this company revolutionized the cell phone industry with apps (also known as applications) tiny programs that can be downloaded to the device for a small fee or free, that can range from cooking instructions to music trivia. They also brought the patented multi-touch screen to the table, a feature where, with two fingers, one can zoom in or out on the touch screen. These are the little things that are making the big difference for the company at this juncture.

It’s truly amazing the inventiveness that comes with this company as well as the design schemes. It’s all so clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the functionality simply can’t be beat. But to top it off, their innovation has rubbed off onto other companies leading to more creative and out of the box thinking, and thus, giving the customers better products, more often. Yes now Blackberry and ATT Cell Phones have rethought some of their ideas and companies like HTC, Google and Samsung have all stepped out into this new world of smartphone inventiveness, giving way to healthy competition and great products. Sometimes all are inspired when one gets the metaphorical light bulb turn on in the head. And we can’t be happier about it.

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