ARMS Overview Video for Nintendo Switch (Online Confirmed)


Check out an overview explanation for ARMS on Nintendo Switch!

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  1. So spring man and ribbon girl are the all rounders, ninja focuses on curving his arms, mummy is a grappler who cancels out other arms, and mech girl is a gunner who doesn't really use arms

  2. they should allow you to creat you own characters. this would be an awesome competitive online game but it needs charactar customization.

  3. I would love to see Super Smash Bros. Switch. What I mean by switch is tag team smash. Switch places with your tag partner when you're about to die.

    8 Players
    Assist Smash
    Final Tag Smash
    Co-op Mode
    8 man tag battle royal

    If Nintendo makes it, IT'S SMARVEL, BABY!!!! (Smash x Marvel.)

  4. Wow, I heard so many bad things about this game. I went into this video expecting to laugh, instead I think I just left this video $60 poorer, because I'm getting this.

  5. Hoping for a story mode that explains the origins of the world and the arms. Hopefully more modes and characters. Hoping for 16-20 characters and 20 stages.

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