Are the Nintendo Switch’s Pointer Controls On Point? We Compare to the Wii!


World of Goo brings Pointer Controls to the Nintendo Switch! We take a closer look at them and see how they compare to the Wii Remote’s pointer controls!

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  1. In Skyward sword I never pointed the remote at the screen. Whenever you would pull out an item wherever you had the remote would then be considered neutral. Worked great for me. I think most people weren't aware that the game used gyro controls instead of ir controls and that led to some control frustration (e.g. If you pull the slingshot out and then raise your remote to the screen after it would make the aiming go nuts requiring you to press the reset button).

  2. The right joycon does have an infrared camera though. (and according to rumours it's closer to being a mini- kinect than the kind of sensor the Wii had) – It makes you wonder what that's capable of, but to use it like the sensor on a wii remote would require holding it upside down
    Which works pretty well I find, if you hold it in the opposite hand from normal… (though it becomes impossible to use the trigger buttons.)

    Lots of weird little things huh…

  3. World of Goo is the best case scenario for the Switch. Playing it in Zelda or Splatoon 2 and it's a nightmare. You can't recalibrate it at all. In Splatoon 2 it recalibrated automatically every time you died. You'd end up tilting your joycon up just to look forward because you moved the Joycon slightly during your death.

    Horrible technology to use in games. In Zelda it's unresponsive, jittery and next to unusable plus it does not register motion what so ever. It only registers tilt movements in these games which makes figuring out how to work some of the Shrine puzzles a nightmare such as the ball and hammer one where you can't motion a swing, you have to tilt your controller violently instead.

  4. GameXplain – OverXplains. I was waiting for: "When the system tells you to place the controller on a flat surface. You gotta take the controller, the one your holding. Not the one your not holding. But the one in your right hand and that your holding. By flat they mean horizontal. Examples of horizontal things are tables, floors, the seat of a chair, ONLY the seat, water. BTW a note about water – dont put the controller your holding – not the one your not holding – a note on that later – but the one your holding – DO NOT put it on water even it  is flat. This can damage your controller. Controllers and wet things does not go well – a note on that later. Examples of none flat horizontal things are walls, mirrors on the wall, the side of a box, the side of your head – do not place it on the side of your head even if it wont damage the controller. Back to the note from earlier – the controller your not holding is the one you do not have in your hand….
    I wonder if these guys also moonlight as EULA writers on their spare time =)

  5. why people don't care about input lag on tv's ? Are Nintendo fans giving up with real,good and accurate gameplay ? Please do a test with a good monitor or a zero lag tv. Thank you.

  6. I really love pointing the Wii remotes on the screen in games like zelda Twilight Princess and Trauma Center but I am not a fan of games that uses wiimotion+
    because it doesn't really care about the sensor bar.
    The pointing is mostly taken care of with the technology inside the controller rather than the sensor bar resulting in a far less precise and accurate experience. In games like Zelda skyward sword you have to constantly re-calibrate the wii remote with the down button to re-center the aiming reticle when you get out your bow.
    Seems like the switch is basically doing the same thing so I don't have my hopes up.

  7. The Wii had terrible IR tracking I had the Wii, and Still do I mean I personally liked it's Classic Controller titles, but I must set the record straight for the Wii Motes, and the IR Bar it was gimmicky as fudge

  8. I was hoping Nintendo had created some gyro electrickery, giving Wiimote pointer like control. I'm a big fan of wii /wii u FPS's, and must have played most of them using the Wiimote exclusively. But the joycon in the video looked more like playing Blue Estate on PS4, which I didn't care for so much.

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