"Apple, pay your taxes! : Attac manifests against the opening of a store in Paris

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"At Apple, they do not pay taxes to afford beautiful shops on the Champs-Elysees. " Dozens of activists of the anti-globalization association Attac gathered Sunday, November 18 in Paris in front of the Apple Store that had just opened to the public on the Champs-Elysees. Protesters denounced the tax evasion practices of multinationals such as the computer giant.

"We are celebrating, in our own way, the inauguration of the Apple store on the Champs-Elysées, to recall that Apple is one of the biggest tax evasion in the world"Aurélie Trouvé, spokesperson for Attac, said activists wearing colorful wigs and pointed hats danced to the fanfare and throwing confetti.

"This is the first market capitalization of the world, but a large part of its empire was constituted in particular by the fact that it extorted billions of euros from citizens, notably European and French, by evading its profits for tax purposes. , first in Ireland then today in Jersey »she accused.

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"The tax evaders avenue"

"On the avenue, we have McDonald's, we have HSBC, it's the avenue of tax evaders", remarked Mme Find. For their part, Apple customers, who had lined up in front of the giant store before it opened at noon, were greeted by employees who cheered and applauded them.

Next door, separated by a cordon of vigils, the militants had deployed banners – "At Apple, they bend over backwards to hide their profits in tax havens" – and an activist disguised as a crunchy apple, the symbol of the brand, waved a suitcase overflowing with counterfeit notes. Another wore a mask representing the French president.

"Emmanuel Macron multiplies the gifts for the richest and lets make a tax evasion which today costs 80 billion euros to the State every year, that is to say, overall the French public deficit", indignant spokeswoman Attac, for whom "The French government has done nothing effective against multinationals".

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has repeatedly stated his determination to obtain a European policy on the taxation of digital giants, especially GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). Several countries fiercely oppose this tax, such as Ireland where many companies have installed their European bridgehead because of favorable taxation.

Activists in Attac also led this action to accuse Apple of"Exploit Asian workers", to not respect the privacy of users, and to practice the "Hype".

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