Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch (2016) Review


The redesigned Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch is brighter, more colorful, slimmer, faster, and has the innovative Touch Bar. It’s pricey (especially after buying a few dongles), but it’s shows the future of laptops for power users.

Read all about the MacBook Pro 15-inch right here!

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  1. Still waiting for you guys to actually release a review instead of this shitty quick overview that gives no opinions or in-depth looks.

  2. You guy should change the company name to Apple Magazine, you praise everything apple does even if it's horrible, unpractical or just wrong, you give other brands a very critic eye and call them on every flaw you find on their products but not apple, are they paying the good reviews that good? Otherwise i don't think people will take you seriously much longer. The public hated the lack of ports and you call it the future? For whom?

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