Apple has acquired Silk Labs

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While some doubted the ability of Apple to keep secrets, the purchase of the company Silk Labs is the perfect illustration … It's almost a year that the company is under the thumb of the brand to the apple and this n is that now that information leaks.

Apple has been slow to get into the virtual assistant business and is certainly aware of its mistake, despite the launch of the HomePod, with very little success. Indeed, Amazon and Google have taken a very large lead both in the technical field, with high-performance assistants, as in the commercial field, since the assistants of the two brands are everywhere and it is only a beginning.

Apple has bought Silk Labs to boost his assistant Siri

Aware that nothing is played and that the universe of connected objects is just nascent, Apple does not admit defeat and will try to catch up by making acquisitions in the field of artificial intelligence. The buyout of the company Silk Labs, founded in 2015 by Andreas Gal, the former CTO of Mozilla, is the living example. The Cupertino company has actually acquired this start-up for an unknown amount.

Silk Labs specializes in creating solutions based on artificial intelligence. to other companies. Originally, Silk Labs had launched its own intelligent surveillance camera called "Sense", but the product had not had the expected success, it is perfect difficult to switch from software to hardware. Still, the camera had very interesting function of facial recognition, or animals.

What has appealed to Apple at Silk Labs is its focus on data privacy. For example, the company does not send the video stream in the cloud like the majority of market players, but has an algorithm encrypting data packets to send only important extracts, which does not require the almost constant sending of data to the cloud. Its technology also works locally in Edge, the wizard can work in the absence of connection or almost.

For those who doubt Apple's objectives in the field of artificial intelligence, we can also say that earlier in the year, Apple undertook many recruitment related to AI, the most prominent is that the former director of research and artificial intelligence from Google …

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