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SoundPEATS Q16

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In this video, we take a look at great, affordable alternative to the Apple’s latest popular release, the Apple Airpods – The Soundpeats Q16 wireless earbuds. The Airpods are Apple’s answer to a wireless future. This was another one of their “Courage” moves. But with a hefty price tag, many folks are looking elsewhere. The Soundpeats Q16 are one of the best, if not the best cheap alternative solution to the current Wireless Earbuds Catalog. Watch to Learn more!

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  1. I bought these from amazon. I noticed in some comments, some say they were big. I will admit, they aren't the idea size, BUT…they are completely wireless and are extremely light. I've had them for two months now and I am really satisfied with them. Talking to people is excellent with them. Also listening to music is great also. They don't have the base that the airpods have, but they have just enough to be considered better than most of the bluetooth earbuds on the market. I've always been good for "buying, trying, and returning" until I am satisfied. I have tried PLENTY of bluetooth earbuds and when these came and I tried them, I kept them. They are definitely worth the money!

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