Apostle Paul Knew the Universe is a Virtual Reality Yet He Failed to Grasp It's Ramification


This article is about a special kind of artificial insemination; wherein Jesus' deeper, inner message is the spiritual sperm and soul as a dead / comatose spiritual entity is the ovum, and these writings are the medium through which this kind of spiritual, artificial insemination can take place.

Let me quote from Apostle Paul's "1 Corinthians 13:" Love is not happy with evil but is happy with truth. "Apostle Paul must be referring to the truth told Adam by God who said 'You may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is evil; if you do, you will die the same day. " (Genesis 2: 16-17), and the cunning lies told to Woman by the serpent who answered Woman on her quoting god's advice to the serpent by replying to her, "That is not true…" (Genesis 3: 4- 6). The serpent called the true god a liar and Woman believed him! Can you see the horrible distortion of reality in Woman's mind that resulted from believing what the serpent said? When one believes a lie (untruth) in true reality one has departed from true reality (died away from truth) and one has accepted an existence in utter make-believe (as a virtual creature in physical reality). Since all souls form the soulular / cellular make-up of Adam and Woman, and they all are deceived in the identical manner it comes as no surprise that all souls are aware of the same artificial virtual reality- -the reality of the physical universe.

In this virtual reality you can utter as many lies and systems of lies with impunity because of the 'virtuality' of realm in which these lies-believed by others are manifested mentally as awareness and incorporated as reality in the sense of being of these deceived entities . Through these secondary systems of lies, subordinate to the original spiritual propaganda, we experience a bewilderment of different and mostly opposing and hardened systems of belief that manifest in the many senses of reality that the different peoples of the world express as religion, culture, God , tradition, etc.

This is consistent with our experience as humans. Those who lie, and get away with it, prosper more than those who try to be as honest as they can be or as they are allowed to be. Most people, even those who try to be honest, eventually believe the propaganda that is continually and forcefully impressed on them by powerful, local, vicious clans of conspirators. That is why there are so many focused and differing systems of believe that express themselves as culture, religion, nationality, systems of law, etc.

Woman (a sexless spiritual entity in Paradise- -an 'it') believed the liar and thereby Woman made the true god a liar in its understanding of reality. It, Woman, followed the liar's advice, ate (imbibed mentally) of the tree (a system of lies) it was told by god not to partake of; and then along with Adam, followed the liar away from true reality (their death) into the realm of fiction- -the realm of lies believed and truth spurned; thus this was their death in reality. Now we, entities in Woman and Adam (similar to biological cells in a human), believe to exist as human beings in a physical reality- -an utterly spiritual delusion.

It is this (make-believe) virtual realm, physical reality; souls' awareness is still stuck in. What the spirit in Jesus wants us to repent of is the co-sponsored 'all-encompassing-soulular' belief in the original lie that caused our death in reality and our appearance in the physical realm.

Spiritual repentance, the only true repentance possible, will bring back one's true spiritual perspective and will cause one to see true reality for what it is- -real, while the product of the lie, physical awareness, as a thing non-existent in truth , disappears. My concept that souls are cellular / soulular parts in the spiritual bodies of Adam and Woman is in harmony with Apostle Paul's concept that all believers will be fitted together again likes stones in a living temple- -another spiritual entity as Adam was originally.

We, the whole assembly of soulular structure of Adam and Woman, were advised by the true god not to eat of, or associate with that tree and the lies emanating from the inhabitant of that tree because it was a fortress of deceit in the realm of utter truth. Communion with that tree would immerse Adam and Woman in falsehood so powerful that escape from the knowledge and usage of such evil (falsehood) would be utterly impossible without aid from "Love" (the spirit in Jesus, / the true god- -1 Corinthian 13) in true reality, to help us repent of the belief in, and dependency on the lies and systems of lies (propaganda).

Here again I quote from 1 Corinthians 13: 7. "Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail." It is our true god's never-ending hope that we, souls, will repent, and it is the true god's patience with us that perseveres and never gives up and the true god's faith in us that keeps hoping that we will have the strength to overcome the lies that have created such a powerful, false stronghold in our awareness. It is through his help, backed by his faith, hope and patience that Jesus as Son of God will conquer over the sprouted seeds of deceit (weeds) sown into soul by this serpent, the entity most all people now call our true god (Jehovah , Allah, etc.), by whatever name the many other religions refer to this evil spirit.

This serpent is the "Satan (adversary of the true god and the father of all lies- -John 8) that holds us, souls, captive in Hell (spiritual falsehood accepted as truth / physical reality)." Father of lies "(John 8) refers to the serpent as the promulgator of original deceit and thus having children (all humanity) who do in kind as their father does- – sow more lies.

Let me quote from 2 Corinthians 10: 4-6, "We (Paul and his assistants) destroy strongholds." These are mental strongholds. Such mental strongholds are our tightest bonds to the physical reality, propaganda- -of both the cosmic / spiritual kind and the kind spread by religions, political regimes, by business people and everyone else- -fortresses built and maintained by deceit and cunning schemes from which we as souls can not escape and thus succumb to; and which deceits we use in our every day life to keep face or to outmaneuver another. The universe is a fortress of networks of false / virtual realities; and because of the density of these systems of deceit we are out of communion with the truth (true reality), our true father. Humans have never known of this true god. The deceiver (Jehovah, Allah, etc.) is the only and highest god known.

Paul further said, "So we do not lose heart …", "Though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed every day. For this slight momentary affliction (of ours) is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, because we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are seen are transient (virtual), but the things that are unseen are eternal. So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith (knowing that a true eternal reality exists), not by (physical) sight (our mode of awareness in our deluded state). "

Things that are transient are not true reality for a thing in truth is eternal and thus our emerging and dying bodies are not based on truth but untruth- -these exist only temporarily in a virtual concept of reality. Even so, the universe is said by Jesus to disappear and then to appear again. The universe does not fit the definition and concept of true reality. The universe is not eternal; it must thus be fiction- -a virtual realm. If the universe is a spiritual virtual conception so must be our human forms.

Paul's above quote clearly lets us know that Apostle Paul realized that physical reality is not true reality. The problem that Apostle Paul had in his day was that the concept of a virtual reality did not exist. Paul had to say all the above to describe the idea of ​​virtual reality- -a common-sense phrase and understanding in our day.

Throughout his epistles this understanding repeats itself many, many times. Yet, Apostle Paul was confused in his understanding! In 1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 20, Paul stated "As it is, however, god put every different part in the body just as he wanted it to be. There would not be a body if it were all only one part! As it is, there are many parts but (only) one body. " Here again, Paul is referring to a spiritual / soulular structure of Adam and Woman just a humans have a cellular structure. No one in history could ever contemplate a god higher than the god of the universe (Jehovah, Brahman, Allah, etc. The idea of ​​a god higher than this god was unimaginable. Yet the demons Jesus dealt with clearly saw him as a higher god – -the "most high god" in contradistinction to 'god'.

Paul sees our true god as having created the physical body. This is, pertinently, not so. The liar designed the physical universe, our bodies and the bodies of all other creatures according to his plan and had us as deceived spiritual entities fashion, imagine in detail and mentally project the universe and biological life according to that plans. It was due to souls' intimate involvement in creating / fashioning the whole set-up and souls habitation of this imagined creation that we / souls are so extremely attached to this physical awareness. We as deceived souls have an imagined 'real' part and stake in the universe and physical life / awareness. It has become our only possible abode.

Apostle Paul even wrote in 2 Corinthians: 11: 3, "I am afraid that your minds will be corrupted (succumb to deceitful propaganda) and that you will abandon Christ- -in the same way that Eve (this is an error and fitting exactly in Paul's misconception- -before the fall her name was Woman, a spiritual asexual spiritual entity; and only became Eve, a biologically, sexually-organized female human after believing the Serpents deceit) was deceived by the serpent's clever lies.

Paul could not conceive of soul having died to true reality because he and all humanity are still present, and seemingly alive, in physical reality. Paul, obviously, could not clearly discern between true reality and a virtual reality. That is why Apostle Paul stated that, presently in the physical form, believers and himself could see / understand only vaguely, through a murky medium, but when in true reality they all could see / comprehend clearly.

However, I state that I can see clearly now because I understand Jesus' inner message clearly and because I understand clearly the concept of a virtual reality. All Apostle Paul could conceive was that Woman believed a lie but still, somehow existed in true reality while holding a system of lies in her heart. Yet, we know by logic that a person existing in truth can not remain in truth while believing that true reality contains a lie. Truth is truth; lies / propaganda can not fit into a system of truth.

Thus, if you hold truth according to the truth in your heart you can not be anywhere else but in true reality. If you hold even only one lie about true reality in your heart true reality has vanished for you and remains vanished until you repent of all lies believed. Jesus thus urged us (as soul entities) to become like new-born babes in truth and to let go of anything related to physical reality and start anew in true reality. This is the second birth Jesus mentioned several times. A birth must originate in a sperm (his deeper inner message) entering a receptive ovum (deceived soul) and find the right environment to thrive. This right environment is created by the Comforter because this rebirth is a spiritual process. Jesus, through superstition and false belief severely ingrained in the people of Judea, was unable to have his inner message take hold in the mind of even one person, so all of humanity remained barren until conception, some 2,000 years later, took place in me .

Now through my understanding of his true message I can help Jesus attain his goal by artificial insemination of his true and real message into your viable but inert spiritual ovum- -your deceived comatose soul. Once that conception has taken place you (a fetus) are placed in the care of the Comforter (womb) in spirit. Presently, you are stuck believing truths according to a system of lies believed- -that is not a ticket to true reality. The greatest spiritual stumbling block for souls associated with humans is that they take the truth according to the spiritual-lie-believed as the real truth. This stumbling block and, really, the greatest fortress of this god of the universe has prevented repentance in truth of even one single soul until this present time. All souls captured by the system of the serpent's deceit regard themselves to be physical creatures in the kind of false truth held up high by the deceiver Jehovah (the serpent) and all his helpers in all religious and secular circles (mainly through writings in the Old Testament and other ancient and even newer religious writings and doctrines). All Christian religious people have faith in the deceiver and his Christ, a physical person doing miracles in a physical setting and who is believed to be the son of god, Jehovah. That is the only god known to physical beings. Deceivers are always out to destroy or harm; and most of them come with silken tongues / shining angles of light. In truth, you are a dead spiritual entity absent from true reality (I call this spiritual kind of death being in a spiritual, comatose dream state).

The spirit in Jesus was forced into this false role of Messiah by Jehovah- -he would not be allowed to enter Jehovah's virtual creation for his own reason to be among us. That is why his deeper, inner message of truth is so difficult to ferret out from his assumed acting role as Jehovah's prophesized Christ. All souls associated with non-religious people have forsaken or foregone the concept of god and have accepted physical reality as some sort of unstoppable, accidental evolutionary process in which they are somehow wrapped up. These souls now, spiritually ignorant but worldly very wise, step forward to the drums of scientific investigation and sharp business acumen into the spiritually, seemingly unreachable areas of hell where all souls associated with other biological life forms have already settled as creatures in fearful, wild and untamed physical nature.

Brute, physical nature, a virtual reality, is for them the only reality left. Poor Paul, although he had the principle understanding of the world being a virtual realm he still had the gods involved confused. He had no conception that a "transient" / virtual reality is based on clever lies-believed; which system of lies created a new system of truth- -truth according to the lie believed; a fortress on high he was not familiar with. Yet, somehow he knew that there were strongholds on high that needed to be overthrown in order for souls to be liberated. Humanity in general, including Paul, can only recognize this system of truth based on spiritual lies believed by all souls. He was totally unfamiliar with truth according to true reality. That is why I keep repeating that Jesus was the true spiritual Christ and the worldly antichrist. To say this in the Christian understanding: Jesus, as a human, is Jehovah's Christ, according to prophesies recorded in the Old Testament, but simultaneously he remains our redeeming (Jehovah's propaganda-fighting) true god, always. The spirit present in Jesus is thus Jehovah's adversary or antichrist. He appeared in physical reality solely to bring his message of spiritual truth- -a truth that opposes the system of lies spread by the Serpent / Jehovah and which truth thus opposes anything of a physical nature. Jesus came to overthrow powerful, spiritual fortresses of deceit held in the minds of souls.

Jesus' ministry was very confusing because of his dual and opposite natures. The organized, corporate religiously and secularly learned such as in Judaism, in Christendom and in corporate business could at most only adopt the false message because humans understand physical reality but could not grasp, and could not get in mental touch with Jesus' true alive nature in true spirit.

Oh, religion knew that Jesus is the son of god, but they had a god in mind that the spirit in Jesus fought a spiritual battle with for our souls. Jehovah is the true God's (the spirit in Jesus') adversary. The devil is the false God's (Jehovah) adversary. Yeah, that is how confusing these spiritual fortresses get! The only manner in which the true god, the spirit of truth, could appear among us was in the virtual / physical manner. He is a real, spiritually alive entity but we as deceived souls fail to be present in true spirit (we are dead to true reality) so the true god had to take on a (dis) -guise we could be in touch with – – by doing so he fashioned a spiritual fiction for himself according to the design of the liar- -except he created a fictitious form (as human being) for our spiritual good while the rest of us, souls, created a virtual form because we were spiritually deceived, did not know any better, and had no other place to be. He literally descended into hell, physical reality, to reach us- -that is why he called himself as a human being "Son of Man;" who is god and who came in the nature of a son of man.

Only spiritual entities such as demons could see Jesus' true nature and they called him invariably "Son of God" and "the Most High God", without exception. Since the spirit in Jesus' disappearance from physical reality his love, along the lines in 1 Corinthians 13, continues to have faith, hope and patience for just one soul to get his real message; and through that soul for others to get it too. This love in 1 Corinthians 13 is a spiritual / eternal love- -it has absolutely nothing to do with the transient kind of love we human animals understand and are familiar with. See, even the spirit in Jesus did not know who will ultimately receive his true message. All he, now as our Comforter, knew is that he sowed the truth not in vain; and he kept full faith, hope and patience to wait and see who and when that truth will take hold in the soul of a human being to create a new son of God. 1 Corinthians 13, a divine-kind of love, proves that god does not know the end-result or maybe that he chose not to know. Apostle Paul was close to the truth but he had gaps in understanding that can be understood to exist from my present perspective. These gaps prevented him from seeing the complete truth of Jesus' inner message; so he was able to see only through a, self-confessed, murky kind of medium of understanding. He was as confused as ever but he knew that there was something very special about this fellow Jesus. He kept that spiritual specialty alive through the churches he founded.

The universe is a secondary creation within an overall larger primary and real creation, however this secondary creation is very persistent and usurped a part of the original creation. The spirit in Jesus, the creator of the primary creation, is battling the master of the secondary creation, the serpent / Jehovah to retrieve what was lost. I have no doubt that he will succeed in the end.

It is that hidden truth of Jesus that only I and my wife seem to know. Being human is as alive as deceived souls can ever be- -Jesus referred to being alive as human to be dead. He is right because we are only alive in true reality, outside of true reality we are dead because we are not in our native environment. Jesus meant by "being born-again not that we are born as human first and as a spiritual son of god second, but to be born all over again in true reality from which reality we died away by believing a lie about that true reality and about the god of that true reality. It is the work of the spirit in Jesus that made such a rebirth possible. Jesus' inner message, thus, is the spiritual sperm that has the capacity to enliven the comatose spiritual ovum / soul. It never even occurred to Jesus to call our human birth a birth. our entire participation in the universe is considered by our true god (who was in the person of Jesus) to be dead. I agree! Those who tried to understand Jesus, he considered to be just a bit more spiritually alive than just dead. He referred to all others as continuing to be dead. Most of his sincere followers, including also Apostle Paul, could not understand Jesus and thus they continued to be spiritually dead.

The spiritual sperm of Jesus' true inner message never reached the ova / comatose souls of his personal and later his religious followers. Anyone who understands and takes my writings to heart is indeed alive again as a spiritual fetus. You might say that I used artificial insemination using Jesus spiritual sperm to allow your ovum to develop into a spiritually alive fetus- -that is, if you truly understand what I am saying and doing for you. If this sperm took hold in you, I say to you, "Follow me as I follow the Comforter!"

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