Anything You Say Around Your Smart Devices Can and Will Be Used Against You in Court


In this video, Vin Armani discusses the danger of prosecutors being able to confiscate all voice history on your smart devices, like the popular Amazon Echo, to find wrongdoing. The sources for the segment are below.

The walls have ears: Warrant granted for Amazon Echo recordings

A murder in Arkansas may change the way people behave around smart devices. A warrant has been issued for an Amazon Echo, revealing that Amazon may retain recordings on a server for law enforcement investigations.

An Amazon Echo was cited in a warrant related to a November murder in Bentonville, Arkansas. While other smart devices were identified, police have pinned some specific hopes on the Echo for a simple reason: it never stops listening.

The Echo is only activated after a user says its wake, or activation, word. But once triggered, it records snippets of things said that are then sent to an Amazon cloud…

In a statement to Engadget, Amazon said: “Amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. Amazon objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.”

Amazon Echo Saves All Your Voice Data, Police Are Now Accessing It, Here’s How To Hear And Delete It

“Our agency now has the ability to utilize data extraction methods that negate the need for passcodes and efforts to search Victor and Bates’ devices will continue upon issuance of this warrant,” investigators said.

Police have also seized an iPhone 6S, a Macbook Pro, a PlayStation 4, three tablets, a Nest thermostat, a Honeywell alarm system, wireless weather monitoring in the backyard and WeMo devices for lighting at the smart home crime scene.

They also pulled the records for Bates’ smart meter, which may have proven to be most useful as it shows an “excessive amount of water” used during the alleged strangling.

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  1. in the move snowden the CIA director said 'if you want to play with the latest toys, you have to accept the rules'. There always watching and listening.

  2. Take out all the microphones from your mobile phone…. Use a external mic headset. You can buy the simple tools that open i phones an androids on amazon/ebay for pretty cheap. It is very simple, you can go on youtube an find "how to" videos on replacing mics…. When you are done communicating on your phone, remove the headset from the phone an you are in the clear…. until you are around other statist.

  3. the rules say that's illegal surveillance. Let's recreate Stasi and squander the millions of lives sacrificed in ww2 to see that this exact thing doesn't happen. Let's all be cowards idiots and forget history.

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