Anyline offers free digital scanning technology to police and health services to stem the spread of COVID-19

To support border controls, health services and logistics platforms during the pandemic, a high-tech company makes its digital mobile scanning solutions available without obligation.

VIENNA – (BUSINESS WIRE) –Anyline, a leading provider of digital scanning, offers its solutions free of charge to emergency, security and logistics services to help fight COVID-19.

As border controls are tightening around the world, there is an urgent need for mobile technology to verify identity documents faster on land, at sea and in the air without physical contact. to ensure the circulation of essential goods, while restricting unnecessary travel.

The health services also face this need to register patients while avoiding any contact so that the healthcare personnel are contaminated by patients carrying the virus.

To meet these needs, Anyline offers law enforcement, emergency and logistics personnel whose teams are in the field to obtain our digital scanning solutions. This will allow healthcare workers to extract patient data in a fraction of a second with a simple scan, and allow police to check passports, identity documents, permits and license plates at the border.

The company will offer its solutions free of charge to services on the front line until the virus is under control and the restrictions are lifted. During this period, technical support will also be provided in order to perform an installation in a few hours on the company’s website or mobile application.

Lukas Kinigadner, CEO of Anyline:

“We all have our part to do to get this virus under control. In the high tech community, we have a lot of tools available that can be useful and make the work of those on the front lines easier.

This is why we are offering the police, healthcare and logistics companies the opportunity to use our technology for free as long as the COVID-19 is not under control. ”


Michael Wilkinson

Communication manager, Anyline

+43 6704046048

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