It all starts as a family affair. In full confinement, a mother and her son decided to set up a manufacturing company for innovative masks, treated with Viroformula, an antivirus and antibacterial formula. The technique is simple: “The tissues pass through silver-based baths. And the properties of silver, as we know, have bactericidal and virucidal characteristics”, explains Jules Lobry-Deblyck, the co-founder of Mon Masque de France.

These masks can therefore be handled several times a day without fear of contaminating them. Viruses and bacteria that do not survive on this tissue. And this protection allows reuse for up to 30 washes. A technology that obviously has a cost: between 8 and 10 € per mask, which is more expensive than a disposable sold for 30 cents on average. But that can come back interesting in use.

In Crouy in the Aisne, a manager of a supermarket has chosen to equip her twenty or so employees with this antibacterial mask. “I find it very comfortable, light. And then the antivirus and antibacterial treatment, it reassures them enormously. On 30 washes, we are almost on the same cost as a surgical mask. I did not look at the cost of the mask; I looked more at comfort and protection “, recognizes Sophie Oudoul.

Arguments which are shared by the gastroenterologist Hervé Gompel and which were decisive for him. He has practically given up on the disposable surgical mask: “I consider that these masks which are antiviral and antibacterial can be perfectly worn in operating rooms. That’s what I do. I use it in the operating room”, he said.

And in Dr. Gompel’s operating room, healthcare workers will soon be able to wear gowns with the same technology. The idea being for the small family business to perpetuate the jobs of its twenty employees by diversifying its offer. All were unemployed during confinement. Today, they make 20,000 masks per week.