ANSWERING THE CALL! – Final Fantasy XIV Online Let’s Play 179


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Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV (14) Online, a MMORPG based on the Final Fantasy Universe! Join me and our main protagonist, Elliot Rosepetal, a Miqo’te Puglist set out to discover this vast world! This is my very first Final Fantasy game of any kind, and even though its not made in a JRPG style, the MMO feel appeals to me a lot and I am looking forward to going on all kinds of crazy and fun adventures! Enjoy 😀

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  1. Please make more videos on your other channel, the one with anime please I can't seen you since November so please make more videos on your other channel thx. Your biggest fan.

  2. Hi ^^

    To color your chocobo, you can use this site :

    And a quick note : Ravanah is Lord of The Hive 🙂 Bismark is the big flying whale 🙂

    Crystal Tower is part of the first 24 man raid with Labyrinth of the ancient and World of Darkness

    If you want to do the coil, from memory, the quest is unlock in the waking sands, see Urianger. The story of the coil is amazing btw ^^

    If someone decide to try and play the game : here's a recruitment code for some sweet bonuses : DWA4YGD3

    Great video as always Thamriyell, keep up the good work :)

  3. great ep! normally you're not supposed to be able to kill the big one. there's a mission item it gave you that you can use to heavily damage it. looks like you didn't need it tho 😛 I guess that shows you how beastly monk is.

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