An Overview Of Preinstalled Games In Windows Vista


Microsoft changed many aspects of the gaming experienced in Windows Vista in comparison to their previous operating system Windows XP. One of the major differences between both platforms was the redesign of all games to match the visual changes that have been introduced in Windows Vista.

Games like Minesweeper or FreeCell received a much needed visual update with improved graphics and audio. This was something that Microsoft has not done since Windows 95. Looking back most games that came preinstalled in Microsoft operating systems looked the same over the years. Minesweeper for one did not look that much different in Windows 95 and some people say that even experienced users would be hard pressed to tell the differences.

This has changed with Windows Vista. That has not been the only change though game wise. Microsoft developed new games that were included with Windows Vista. Looking back anyone will notice that previous operating systems were all shipping with the same games.

The most popular games of previous systems have been ported to Windows Vista. Nine games are preinstalled in Windows Vista on all editions of the operating system. Five games of nine are known from previous Windows operating systems. Included are the popular card games Hearts, FreeCell, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and the game Minesweeper.

Additionally four new games are included that cater to a wide variety of tasks: Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, Purple Place and Inkball are as different as possible.

Chess Titans and Mahjong Titans are conversions of the two popular boardgames Chess and Mahjong. Purple Place was designed for a younger audience and Inkball which is probably the only fail in the list of games since it was designed for Tablet users and is not that playable with a mouse in advanced levels.

Two additional games have been released for Windows Vista Ultimate users. Windows Vista Ultimate Hold ‘Em is a conversion of the popular Texas Hold ‘Em poker game which is probably the most popular card game in the world thanks to the Poker craze.

The second game is called Tinker. A strategic game where the player has to guide a robot from start to exit avoiding obstacles in the way. It ships with 60 levels and does come with a level editor and download levels created by other players.

Microsoft created an interesting variety of games for Windows Vista users that can all be accessed in the excellent Windows Vista Game Explorer which acts as a central game hub on the system.

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