Amazon suspends $ 10 billion contract awarded to Microsoft

Amazon has just scored a point in the battle against Microsoft to continue to dominate the cloud market: an American judge accepted Thursday, February 13, his request to order the suspension of a mega contract of the Pentagon, attributed to Microsoft end October.

E-commerce giant accuses President Donald Trump of influencing Defense Minister’s decision without consideration of objective arguments, which he says are largely in his favor, whether in terms of experience or technology.

The JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) contract, worth $ 10 billion and spanning ten years, aims to modernize all of the computer systems of the American armed forces in a system managed by artificial intelligence.

Amazon filed a formal complaint in January, and a federal court on Thursday ordered a temporary injunction, barring the Pentagon from advancing on the deal, according to a summary of legal documents available online.


“We are disappointed with this additional delay, but we believe that in the end we can go ahead and do the work necessary so that those who serve our country can use the new technologies they need, urgently”, reacted Frank Shaw, vice president of Microsoft in charge of communication.

“We have confidence in the Department of Defense, and we believe the facts will show that it conducted a detailed, substantiated and fair award process to reach the conclusion that Microsoft best served the needs of the combatants,” said he added.

Also saying it is “disappointed”, the Pentagon regretted that this legal procedure unnecessarily delays the implementation of the modernization strategy of the Ministry of Defense and deprives the soldiers of a lot of capacities which they urgently need “. “We are confident in our choice of Microsoft for this content[…]

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