Amazon Echo Controlling ISY99i (Insteon), Nest Thermostat, RainMachine, and Logitech Harmony Hub


A quick demonstration of the Amazon Echo “Alexa” controlling lights, thermostats, sprinkler systems, and even the home entertainment center.

This solution isn’t easy to setup. However if you want to put in the time and you know just a little about C# then you can figure out by first setting up the Hue Emulator:

Then you would need a middle layer like my C# webservice, the code for it is here:

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  1. Hello my friend, thanks for your video. I have harmony ultimate and i want to buy the amazon echo, how did you voice command the harmony tv activity? can i add other activities like favorite channels numbers? and other functions that i added to my harmony? thanks a lot

  2. This is simply beautiful. Wish I knew coding. I would love to do my setup like this with the Echo. If it came with that capability out of the box, I would go buy one right now!

  3. Hello my friend, i love your video and i plan to do it, i already have hue and harmony ultimate, just a question my friend: Alexa can control using voice the apps that i have intalled? such harmony? hue? and others that can be in harmony or in andtroid app? thanks

  4. Do you have power on for ps4 somehow working? I am looking at a pi solution using go and an hdmi cec program to power it on, but i would love to hear how you did it if you have it working. As far as I know the harmony cannot currently power it on? Any understanding how it works would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Great stuff Eric. I am trying to put up a similar setup here at my home in the UK. I already have a VERA controller and NEST thermostat, but sadly no Amazon ECHO as yet. And thanks for posting your Web service code :)

  6. Man that is so awesome. Smarthome was having a sale so I just ordered another $400 dollars of Insteon devices. I always said I would never purchase the Echo, but this clinched it for me. Also it looks like Insteon fully supports the Echo now. Very nice video. You need to make more video. Subbed just in case you do.

  7. awesome! mr eric2xU. i'm impressed on the way you turn on sharp tv. however, i can't figure it out…may i know your know-how to turn on sharp tv? need sharp tv capable of internet? need sharp tv stay in standby mode? Do you use some web service to make it happened?

  8. so please help.. if i buy ( Logitech Harmony Home Hub , Samsung SmartThings Hub , Amazon Echo)
     i can use voice command to open my TV ,PlayStationm xbox and lights..etc without coding.

  9. My harmony hub directly connects to my xbox and Sony receiver. But my tv is to far away from the hub so the remote turns it on via IA. Will this still work. Also, this is pretty much a pointless question be used I have know clue how to do any of the bridge stuff.

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