Amazon Echo and Google Home New Years Wishes in 2017


Google Home and Amazon Echo wish you a Happy New Year in 2017.

Welcome to the Home Automation Channel. I just wanted say I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and you have an exceptional New Year in 2017.

I especially like to thank you for watching our videos in 2016. For all of you who have subscribed, liked, and left comments below, we appreciate that and thank you. We plan to produce a lot more videos in 2017.

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Battle Google Home

Google Home Review

The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Google Home also work in Canada, the UK and Germany.

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  1. honestly you need to tone it down you are doing too much and sorry but its kind of annoying. i like the new look though and all the google home vids. happy holidays :)

  2. did you hear about the murder. the police are trying to get the files of what the echo heard. this make me very worried about privacy

  3. With all of those connected devices going through one router in the house, I would like to see a video done on Wi-fi extenders and your take on that type of technology.

  4. awesome videos….and to you a very Happy New Year….look forward to more videos and lets see what Alexa can get up to in 2017….

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