All of the best-selling Walmart Black Friday deals so far


Need a break from binge-watching Star Wars on TBS? Walmart has some pretty amazing Black Friday deals that you should check out. From TVs and game consoles to headphones and cell phones, Walmart could be your one-stop shop for saving big this holiday season.

While this post highlights the best deals at the house Sam Walton built, don’t forget about , , and – they all have some great deals as well. 

OK, now onto the deals! 

The best Walmart Black Friday deals, period

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera bundle: Save $1,600 on this amazing bundle which includes a Nikon D5300 Digital DSLR Camera + 18-55mm VR II + Wide Angle with Fisheye & Macro Effects + 30 PC Accessory Bundle + 60″ Tripod + 32GB + Remote + UV Filter + Telephoto Lens + Cleaning Kit + more

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR: Walmart has the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with 18 Megapixels and 18-55mm, 75-300mm Lenses, Bonus SD card and Photo Services Coupon Included

The best Walmart deals on TVs

Samsung 40” 60Hz 1080p TV: Need a super cheap 1080p TV? Walmart’s offering $332 off this Samsung 40-incher – 

Samsung 32” 60Hz 1080p TV: OK, OK, here’s an even cheaper one. This 32-inch 1080p Samsung TV is

Samsung 43” 60Hz 1080p TV: Need something a bit larger? Here’s a 43-inch TV

Samsung 55” 120Hz 4K TV: Now we’re getting somewhere. Here’s a 55-inch 4K TV that usually sells for $1,200, on sale today

Vizio D-Series 50” TV: Want a TV from someone other than Samsung? Check out this sweet 50-inch 1080p TV from Vizio

Roku 4: But you’re going to need a streaming player for that new TV, right? Save $50 on the Roku 4 today at Walmart and pick one up

The best Walmart deals on headphones and speakers

Google Home: Didn’t want to shell out for Google’s new voice assistant when it cost $129? Well here’s your chance to buy

Vizio Soundbar with Google Cast: Check this out, today Walmart is offering $100 off a Vizio Soundbar that comes with satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer

Cheapest Vizio Soundbar: Want a super cheap soundbar? Check out this two-channel Vizio soundbar

Refurbished Beats by Dre Studio 2.0: Want to upgrade your headphones? Walmart’s got refurbished Beats Studio 2.0 headphones

The best Walmart deals on video games

Slim PS4 with Uncharted 4: Here’s a great one – a brand-new PS4 Slim, a copy of Uncharted 4 and a $50 savings. Total price?

Custom PS4 bundle: This PlayStation 4 Black Friday deal comes with Uncharted 4 and a game of your choosing (like Call of Duty) for

Xbox One S with Battlefield 1: War might be heck, but it’s darn fun. This Xbox One S in special edition military green is the best Xbox Black Friday deal,

500GB PS3: Better late than never, right? Today the PS3 is

PS4 Controller: Need an extra PS4 controller? Walmart has the DualShock 4 on sale

Xbox One Controller: Now it’s Xbox One’s turn. Here’s a white Xbox One on sale

Video games deals: 

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