AI or Artificial Intelligence Can not Replace Human Intelligence – Want to Bet?


Not long ago a very devout religious person in the Online Think Tank stated: AI or Artificial Intelligence Can not Replace Human Intelligence, my first flash was, Oh Yah, want to bet? But rather than creating a further divide between real science and religion, it made sense to hear this individual out. Her comments, many of them came right out of the scriptures and yet, many of her arguments were simply no longer true, as she was not up on the latest material and innovations in AI. So, I simply asked:

Why do you say this? AI computers are already programming themselves and creating computer code unlike anything we have ever seen before, that is pretty creative.

It may cause and require mankind to have different tasks, different roles and view employment in a new light. Employment in the distant future may not be about "man's labor or man's genius to create a products; but in man's ability to create AI that does that task with control and oversight from man or woman.

Indeed, just recently the perfect checker board artificial intelligent machine and all the math was completed, the AI ​​program can not make a mistake like humans, this humans can no longer win, no matter how smart they are, they can only tie, similar to tic -tac-toe. We should not allow religion to cloud the forward progression of innovation or the realities before us.

We can not allow ourselves to make those mistakes, we need to be realistic and observe the future as it unfolds, not in fear but in admiration, because the mere fact that we can build AI smarter than humans may in fact be what saves us. Think on this.

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