Absolver – PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4


PlayStation.Blog interviews Pierre Tarno | Sloclap at Playstation Experience.

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  1. Combat reminds me a lot about dark souls but more fluid and responsive and instead of weapons you can use different martial arts styles each containing multiple moves. Sounds great! I am hoping they take equal care with the story and world otherwise it may live or die based on how good the combat is.

  2. I feel like I will honestly learn alot from this game, I practice martial arts and I am so hyped for this especially knowing that martial artist worked on this game.

  3. Those "tension shards" needs to go… Seriously, it looks stupid and out of place to have them just floating behind like that.
    Also, for a game that centers around fighting , it doesnt really look good, especially the animations look weak and stiff compared to other fighting games.
    Though it does look fun and interesting i still feel like they would nee to work more with this game.

  4. such a cool idea but this game looks like a mess.. latency will also make this game dreadful. I hope I'm wrong but for honor looks like a better version of this….. please put more effort into the single player presentation….

  5. This game uses stances to switch it's movesets, so if you finish one moveset, it will switch to a different stance. Saying that one particular fighting style, such as Drunken Kung Fu will be the "secret" style doesn't make any sense, because all stances are custom made to create a whole fighting style.

  6. Is there anything in similarity to fighting games? Frame traps, special moves, recovery frames, active frames, etc.? Hundreds of custom combos sounds like a matchup experience nightmare.

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