A sneak peek at the new Dubai apple store


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The Middle East’s first Apple store gave journalists a sneak peek inside ahead of its grand opening on Thursday.
The Middle East’s first Apple store invited the local media to a special preview before they open their doors to the public.
Apple is opening two new stores in the UAE – Abu Dhabi and this one in Dubai.
Rumours have been circulating for the last couple of years regarding when and where Apple will bring its first store into the region.
Wendy Beckman, Apple’s head of retail for the Middle East and Africa, welcomed regional and local media at the new store in Dubai.
“We are really excited because our stores are really an extension to the community and the community of the UAE is incredible. It’s creative, it’s innovative and it’s just thriving enterprises,” says Beckman.
Apple says they will have 150 employees who can speak over 40 languages in the UAE branches.
According to Megha Merani, a journalist for online consumer publication 7DAYSDubai, the UAE has a high mobile penetration rate making it ideal for the country to have the first store launched in the region.
“People want new products. They are the first, they want to be the first. They want to have the best to the extent where they pay really high margins, really high markups to get their Apple phone first in the region. So I think it is great that people have the opportunity now to interact with the actual stores versus rely on retailers or their telcom providers,” she says.
What is unknown is whether this will boost Apple’s sales in the region where the sales are already high.
“Apple…may or may not sell more products I don’t think they really care about that. It is more about getting to know what people here need and helping them understand how they can best apply the technology so the thing with Apple it is never a hard sell,” Merani points out.

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