A relationship on Facebook is making me uncomfortable. What should I do?

First, never agree to anything that makes you uncomfortable. You’re in charge of your life. Even if someone seems like a friend, they’re no friend if they’re trying to get you to do anything against your will or best interests.
It’s hard to make a good decision when you’re upset or confused, so you should be as clear as possible in your own mind about what is and isn’t in your own interests. If you need help with this, talk to someone you trust like a close friend, family member or counselor.
  • If you receive any unwanted sexual comments or communication on Facebook, the best thing you can do is remove yourself from the conversation. If it doesn’t stop immediately, you should block the person and report the abusive content to Facebook.
  • If someone is asking you to share nude or sexually explicit photos of yourself on Facebook, the simplest answer you can give them is, “No. It’s not allowed on Facebook.” Sharing nude or sexually explicit photos on Facebook goes against our Community Standards. Learn more.
  • If someone is threatening to share things you want to keep private (ex: messages, photos), asking you to send them money or anything else, you should contact local law enforcement, block the person and report them. Learn more.
  • If you’re under 18 and someone’s putting pressure on you that’s sex-related, contact local law enforcement.
Learn more about staying safe on Facebook. If you’re a teen, parent or teacher, you may also want to view tools and tips about bullying prevention.

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