A Playful Choice Mobile Phone Motorola V220 Slvr


Motorola introduced new cell phone Motorola V220 Slvr. The phone book of this cell phone has a capacity of 120 contacts. You can also store an e-mail for each contact. The only downside to the contact feature is that you cannot store pictures and it wont show it when you have an incoming call. The phone book could be a little larger due to the modernisation of the phone. Motorola V220 Slvr has a capacity of over 70 text messages. You can send and recieve MMS (Multimedia Messages) through the handset. You have 10 preset messages that are called “TEMPLATES”. If you are busy just send them a quick message without tapping away for around 10 minutes. The text message system could be improved with the 70 messages capacity.

This area stores the phone number dialled, missed and recieved. Motorola V220 Slvr also gives call durations. It also records the time that the phone call was made. This is good if you want to find a number that isnt in your Phone Book. Motorola V220 Slvr has a calculator which is very easy to use, It has a built in calendar which can be used to add things like birthdays and meetings with friends or colleagues, It also has an alarm clock which is good if you dont have a alarm clock by your bed. Motorola V220 Slvr is quite loud and you can set it to any time and the alarm will sound.

This triband unlocked phone is pretty much like the 3G phones. Yes you can download JAVA ready applications to your mobile phone. The preset games are; HUNGRY FISH (The object of this game is to eat fishes to get the highscore. There is also a chance that it could die of starvation), OPEITOUT (The object of this game is to clear the screen with as much time as possible left. Its a nibblers paradise), FOTOFUNPACK2 (Mod your photos that you took with the camera and mess them up a little bit. This is application is pretty cool.

You can access WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) through this mobile phone. Depending on what network you are you this should be charged at around 2p per minute. Motorola V220 Slvr’s pretty good but would only recommend this if you are bored and have nothing to do. Motorola V220 Slvr, Motorola V220 Black are available here. Please purchase on online www.luckywirelessusa.com

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