A Guide To Choosing The Best Headphones For Xbox 360 Gaming


Most Xbox 360 gaming fans will agree that when it comes to important accessories that every gamer should have to get the most out of their xbox console and the games that they buy for it there is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest as being the most important to buy, and more than that the most important one to get right anfd buy the best possible product. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable an unreliable set of headphones distracted you and ruining your experience of playing games on your Xbox console. And conversely there is nothing better than a snug and comfortable product that also gives you excellent quality sound. But if you don’t do your research, don’t know what’s out there, and haven’t made the mistakes beforehand of buying rubbish products then it can be hard to know what the best gaming headphones to go for would be. So I will give you the benefit of my experience.

Firstly, bluetooth is great because wireless headphones mean that you don’t need to worry about catching a wire and yanking them. But never buy a cheap bluetooth headset. if you are buying a cheap headset then get one with wires. That is because the lower quality products will suffer from interference and you are likely to get interuptions that are very annoying.

Separate volume controls for chat and game sound is an essential feature, in my opinion, for playing games using the xbox live system. And if you have a bit more than the average money to spend the best ones will automatically increase the chat volume when the game itself if getting noisy so that you can always here what people are saying to you.

Muliple speakers for each ear and dolby surround sound are both great features to keep an eye out for too as they will add to the realism of the soundscape that is created, making it a much more immersive experience and enabling you to make decisions based on accurately hearing things that are happening around you as well as seeing them.

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