A closer look at the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch


We loved last year’s Gear S2 smartwatch, and this year’s version is even better! We take a closer look with Christophe Ye, Wearables Product Manager, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

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  1. I like that you actually show the watch. Other youtubers just talk random stuff about it and show different angles. But you actually show the watch working and how it looks while using it, thanks

  2. I pre ordered mine from Best Buy. Most people thought, like myself that the one I purchased will have LTE. Best Buy only has the Frontier model SM-R770 . After the majority of people pre ordered it everyone is finding out that the LTE model is SM-R765. This is very disappointing. i was truly hoping I could just walk into Sprint and have them set it up and have a phone free smartwatch. On the Samsung website it never said it was going to be a completely different model number.

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