8 Awesome New Features Every Xbox One Owner Must Try


Xbox One’s Spring Update is coming, bringing awesome new features every Xbox One owner must try.
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Discover 8 awesome new features every Xbox Owner must try after the Spring Update has arrived.

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  1. hands down Xbox one might have been one of the best things I have ever bought.pretty neat for a console.

  2. I hate the new dashboard! No Snap feature and it takes longer to get to your homepage not to mention you can't see where you left off on your game while on the homepage anymore….THIS UPDATE SUCKSSSSSSSS!!!!

  3. should have been double tap to getting the home menu. navigating a side menu to get to the home menu is backwards thinking.

  4. Did anyone notice the got rid of the power options with this update and now it stays on all the time u can here it going even when it's shut down

  5. As a preview member I have had this for awhile and let me tell you it takes a little getting used to. I miss the snap app ability but everything else makes up for it by a long shot.

  6. They need to sort out the storage problems, I bought a 500gb Xbox one S at the weekend,set it up, did all the updates it asked me to do and even before I installed my first game, BANG just under 140gb already used. That is WAYYYYYY too much to take before you even install a game.

  7. How do you independently set the Guide pins and Home pins?
    For example, if I have 22 pins on my Home screen and they're all organized in a very specific manner to make them more organized and neat, how do I make it so that organization doesn't make the Guide pins a complete and utter unorganized clusterf*ck?
    Asking for a friend with OCD that wants to destroy his Xbox every time he sees the pins in his Guide.

  8. I can't stream on beam I click the stream button and it says something gone wrong try again later and I do it says the same thing

  9. they need to add a joystick deadzone calibration options for regular controllers…but of course not, it'll stop money from folks having to constantly buy new controllers

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