7 hidden features of the iPhone’s 3D Touch

The iPhone’s 3D Touch wasn’t really a head-turner when it first launched with the 6s — it was only supported by a few of Apple’s stock apps, the functions it gave access to were a bit limited and bare bones, and it mostly did nothing on the home screen.

Now, a year after its initial release, 3D Touch has made its way in numerous 3rd party apps and it also has a more prominent place in iOS 10, unlocking various options throughout the phone’s interface. However, we feel like a lot of 3D Touch’s functions are underexposed and probably unknown to the wide userbase.

So, we thought we’d list a few of the less obvious things you can do with 3D touch. This is for iOS’ interface only, as 3rd party apps are, well… a lot. And each one of them may or may not treat the pressure-sensitive feature in their own unique way.

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