5 ways iPhone 4 will have an impact on future Smartphones


iPhone Apples 4 officially opens today, and customers pre-order and hope for a walk and get the new devices are set to throughout the country and this after the 600,000 devices is estimated to be pre-ordered . There is no doubt the iPhone is a popular 4 and like the original iPhone, this model is certainly influence future calls from the competition, in the following five ways:
front-facing camera and video calling 4 is not the first iPhone headphones offer a front-facing camera that supports video calls, but FaceTime the engine used for the four software iPhone video calls its an open standard , so applications on other platforms can enable it. However, today, FaceTime work on only Wi-Fi Apple plans to support 3G later this year. For comparison, I recently used the Nokia E73 Fring mode for video calls over 3G. Thin is in at 9.3 mm or 0.34 inches, Apple claims the title of worlds thinnest smartphone with the iPhone 4th But only introduced Droid X is a slim 0.4 inches, and other new phone without a hardware keyboard that are not much thicker. Still, Apple is to identify trends in the here and does it with elegant engineering designing a device to minimize the internal space. In fact, the use of smaller microelectromechanical systems in the new iPhone 4 should trickle down to many other headphones. more pixels Perhaps the most noticeable difference in the new iPhone is a display 4, which contains four times more pixels than the prior model. In resolution 960 x 640 3.5-inch display, images and text look crisper and brighter than on other mobile platforms, which generally top out at 854 × 480th Apple was wise to double-pixels horizontally and vertically, as it provides a simple application compatibility for old programs. How Android and perhaps other mobile platforms look at the future of smartphones and tablets, observed even in the highest resolution supported devices in the future. HD video recording Another feature of pre-iPhone of 4 on several recent phone video recording is 720p, but in this version of the device, Apple brings the main functions, including video editing. Acquisition and processing of the video in full 30 frames per second just needs the right software and CPU both are readily available for smartphones, today and tomorrow. Improved interface In many cases, competing smartphones often offer the same or even more features as the iPhone 4, but does not match the intuitive user interface. Players know this and are working towards improving their products: Phone Windows 7 UI is much better than previous versions , for example. Team Android is reportedly focuses on ease of use of the gingerbread next release after Froyo and Google Duarte Mathias , designer webOS Palm platform, should be very helpful. Nokia is a great progress with Meego, , with the power of all devices on the N series handsets N8 . I do not count out Research In Motion, or new BlackBerry 6.0 toe looks much more friendly and intuitive than the current operating system. Of course, other devices have an impact on the iPhone, as well as features such as multitasking, threaded discussions and e-mail customize the wallpaper, to name a few. But the iPhone 4 will be smartphone category, taking a whole new level .
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