5 Things You Should Know About Final Fantasy XV If This Is Your First Final Fantasy


First time playing Final Fantasy? Here are five things you need to know about Final Fantasy XV before getting started!
FRIENDLY WARNING – We take spoilers seriously enough that anyone posting real or fake spoilers will be hidden from the channel permanently xx

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  1. I'm more excited about FFXII remake even though I've already finished 100% of the game before. this looks good and I already preordered but I'm more into RPGs if you see what I mean…

  2. Ok, time for some corrections from a really old school Final Fantasy player. The first time you could ride a chocobo in the water was the blue chocobo in Final Fantasy 4 (NA Final Fantasy 2) and the first Final Fantasy did not have summons.

  3. Seriously, F this game's abandonment of take-turn. Vote with your wallet FF purists :). Stop giving in to yet another complete dismissal of what you've been asking for for the last handful and more years now.

  4. the problem I hate is the people reviewing it at major major hard-core over the top fan boys. I dislike the over hyped feel they try and give it sounds too fake. I played the judgement disc demo. Yes you can just hold the button down and win the battle. also there is an option to change from real time combat to wait and pick. in game music needs to be bought. If this is your first final Fantasy Watch Kingsglaive The movie. then watch brotherhood the 5 part anime. Trust me it will be a perfect thing to do. This whole JRPG. really? does everyone forget that there were hardly any "western" rpgs when the first final fantasy was made. so pretty much Final fantasy is pretty much the "western" rpg as that is what we grew up on when they first came out. also give some honesty about the game. the battles aren't just enemies sitting everywhere they have some random counters as well meaning you will run into a battle without seeing anything. it gets slow at times and there will be a lot of running to one place to another so keep that in mind the fast travel system is wayy different from other fast travel games. you can only fast travel to last rest place and your car. not everywhere

  5. This is not going to be my first but it might as well be. I have been a longtime fan of Final Fantasy, but the problem is that I've been too poor to play any of them save FFIV, I hope this year I can catch up on all that I've missed, and I especially hope I can catch the piece of art shown in the video

  6. the turn based gameplay is the primary reason I didn't get into final fantasy in the past. but having seen this vid unless there's very little side content this quite possibly might take me longer than a yr.

  7. I'm so very ready for this game on my PS4 Pro. been waiting for a great story rpg for a very long time. I am ready for the FFVII remake as well. RPG'S have been missing from the next Gen systems for a while now, why I don't know, but hopefully this will get developer's and writers to jump back on the rpg road and make more RPG'S for those who love these type of games.

  8. I just hope there'll be a truly evil super villain. in my opinion there hasn't been a Super Evil super villain since kefka from Final Fantasy 3 United States version.

  9. I think I would like to pick it up, but I don't know if it will be worth it :/ can you guys please help me out 🙂
    btw, love your friday features Rob 😀 and the rest of you are also doing an amazing job 😀 I really enjoy your channel, thanks for creating it :D

  10. Why am I torturing myself?!? I can't wait. We all know it will probably take at least 2 hours to download. Might as well watch Kingsglaive and the anime to calm the nerves. lol

  11. Wow, you guys really know how to show new people what they want see from games! And molly is really good with the combat too. Great video!

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