[4K] FIFA 17 PS4 Pro vs PS4 Graphics Comparison


We recommend Google Chrome for YouTube 4K60 playback. Digital Foundry patrons can grab the ultra HD 4K master video here:

Time to break out the dual system control joypad for a forensic comparison of the advantages FIFA 17 enjoys on PS4 Pro. Native 4K? Let’s do it.

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  1. You say it is great to have another "true 4K game" available on PS4 Pro. If this is true, how come Xbox Scorpio markets itself as the "First and Only True 4K" gaming machine?

  2. I thought only games in development were supposed to benefit from the pro, seeing as how there's more power for developers to work with. Confusing, so games that are already released are displaying in 4k?

  3. Yeah but it's not Pro Evo. Typical FIFA, looks good and the "menus are fantastic" but it's all for nothing because the the actual playing of football is dull and one dimensional.

  4. Most modern 4k tvs do a pretty good job of upscaling 1080p so in my opinion their is very little difference. I have yet to see HDR in person so my guess is that HDR might be the only game changer.

  5. True 4k games will only sports games, small games with smaller areas, last gen games, even these are not always native 4k some 2k or less still.

  6. I am Confused Ps4 pro price isn't a problem at all the problem is I have a 1080p tv and getting a 4K Tv is 50/50 So am planing to buy The Pro with some games And use it for 1080p Tv until I get a decent 4k tv at not more than 600 dollars So my main Problem is Will I benefit the games I buy and Is the gameplay and all other stuffs Work the same as Original Ps4 Especially FIFA 17 If there isn't any problem with the ps4 pro on 1080p I will surely buy or should I buy Ps4 Slim and wait for Ps5 but I fear For developers to focus more on the pro than The Other Ps4 Agh I don't know what to do

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