49% of French people consider sex in virtual reality in 10 years

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Nearly one in two French people believe that there are solutions for sex in virtual reality in the near future, according to an interactive Harris survey.

How do the French envision the sexuality of tomorrow? What place will new technologies have? A Harris Interactive poll for We-Vibe was interested in how the French envision their sex life in a decade. Overall, the vast majority of respondents (68%) believe that their sexuality will not be very different in 10 years from what it is now.

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Technological innovations should still impact sexual practices through the diversification of accessories. Among them, some already existing objects should continue as sexual dolls (64% believe that there are already realistic models and customizable), sex toys adapted to the morphology of each (53%), the devices to amplify theOrgasm (49%) or sex toys adapting to the desires of their users (46%) or can be controlled remotely by a partner (45%).

Sexual robots of the future

Some current non-sexual connected objects give rise to extravagant extrapolations on the part of respondents. So some people imagine that connected underwear can be stimulated remotely by a partner. Among the futuristic and creative solutions that could also emerge, respondents suggest sex toys manufactured via a 3D printer, sex robots, sex toys synchronized with pornographic content or devices to kiss at a distance.

What about virtual reality? This technology, fertile field of exploration for scientists, could also be used to brighten up sexuality. 49% of French people are considering sex in virtual reality in the near future. 34% are also considering long distance sex within 10 years.

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