400 sub special 100 Apple iPhone 7 Giveaway OPEN


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  1. please I need to win I'm tired of getting picked on because I have an Android at school I know I should accept myself but it's just the phone and I don't have money to buy one neither does my parents so please pick me

  2. i hope i can win this giveaway…im your 117 subs on your channel…i will recommend ur channel to my friend and share in twitter…good job man

  3. Hi! I need a iPhone 7 because I'm 16 and I walk to and from school so it would be nice to have one to call and text on. Also I have a channel so I would love to record on it right now my channels on hold. Here is my email: Wolfygirl7894@gmail.com GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  4. Hello sir…..I've liked and subscribed and shared your channel….. And I think I should get this iPhone ….. Because I don't wanna show off or look cool…. But I want it because I am really interested in filmmaking…. And I have a very bad outdated camera….. And what could be better than an iPhone's camera to fulfill my dream…..I hope you understand

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