3D TV for sale at home in Guangzhou can experience cinematic-3D TV 3D effects, 3D Blu-ray player – a


Last weekend, 3D film “Alice Wonderland “in Guangzhou started smoking golden journey. 3D film heat has spread to

TV Industry, many television manufacturers have launched 3D TV products. So, consumers at home and how to enjoy high-definition 3D TV 3D video? In fact, as long as the items have a minimum of four: 3D TV, 3D glasses, 3D

Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray discs and players, you can build a 3D home theater was small.

Equipment 1 3D TV 3D TV a polarizing-type and active shutter-style two display technologies, most of the existing models with active shutter-type 3D display technology. It is through the high refresh rate for users with different screen turns right and left eyes. In general, 3D

LCD TV 120Hz screen refresh rate must be more than able to ensure users see 3D images continuously without flashing effect.

Samsung UA55C7000WF (Reference price: 25,999 yuan)

Currently receiving consumer book store 55-inch Samsung 3D

LED TV Price of 25,999 yuan. To facilitate the consumers, will be free with a full set of 3D equipment including a Samsung Blu-ray player, 3D, 3D glasses (2), 3D DVD (1) and TVB card.

Equipment 2 3D glasses The naked eye yet dawn of the 3D era, 3D glasses 3D television is still essential peripherals. Active shutter-type glasses built-in wireless receiver module, launched by television synchronization signals to control the switches around the lens, so that left and right eyes see the corresponding picture at the right time.

Sony 3D glasses TDG-BR100 (Reference price: 950 yuan)

For ordinary consumers, active shutter-style glasses are expensive, one about a thousand dollars. 3D TV with Sony to sell the active 3D glasses model for the TDG-BR100, battery life is expected to 100 hours.

Equipment 3 3D Blu-ray Disc 3D DVD discs are specially treated, it can provide a stereoscopic image information. 3D film about the source is decomposed into the corresponding eyes of two different images to disc through the code to suppress.

“Battle alien monsters” (Reference price: nearly 1,000 dollars)

From DreamWorks’s “Monster Wars alien” is the world’s first 3D Blu-ray discs is now in the U.S., the price equivalent to about RMB 1,000 yuan. This year will also have the “Avatar,” “Ice Age”, “Alice in Wonderland,” “

Toy Story 3 “and so on 3D Blu-ray Disc market.

Equipment 4 3D Blu-ray player 3D Blu-ray player using active shutter-style 3D technology to transmit high-definition 3D effects of the signal, to provide for the full HD 3D TV, 3D dynamic crisp and clear images. Samsung, Sony have introduced their own 3D Blu-ray player.

Samsung 3D BD -C6900 (Reference price: 2700 yuan)

Samsung’s first high-definition 3D Blu-ray player BD-C6900 has already started in the Amazon pre-sale prices about 2700 yuan. It is compatible with 3D1080P Full HD standard.

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