21 PS4 tips, tricks and hidden features


Think you know everything about your PS4? Think again. We reckon you’ll find at *least* one nugget of useful knowledge here that will improve your gaming life immeasurably. And if you’ve got a tip that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!


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  1. I never understood what the point of appearing offline was. Especially why so many people complained about it. I find it completely useless

  2. for the controller speaker one where he said its midnight and your controller makes a sound, if you were playing games at that time wouldn't you be wearing head phones anyways?

  3. Gts you sound dumb you don't have to be connected to the same wifi for Spotify it's just you have to be logged into the same account

  4. Does sony's "stability" updates count as a hidden feature?? Because, ever since 3.50 ps4 started to stutter and ever since 4.xx it's got significantly worse. I bought PS4 because it "had" less stuttering than my PC. But now it's now worse than PC & Xbox in terms of stutters and low framerates. PS4 as it stands, is not the same blazing fast/smooth machine that I invested my money into. I would also like to point out how convenient the timing is on all this performance loss, just as the ps4 pro is making it's way into the market. PS3 now feels faster &smoother than PS4 ever since their stupid recent "performance" & "stability" updates on the PS4. I'm running 3 different machines on 3 identical tv's, all at 1080p. PS4 on 3.15 firmware is by far the fastest and smoothest out of them all. PS3 on 4.81 firmware is easily the second fastest & smoothest. And lastly the PS4 running 4.07 firmware hands down comes in last in performance & smoothness.

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