2004 John Deere Star Fire iTC antennas will no longer receive SF1 and SF2

After almost 20 years of good and loyal service, John Deere announces the end of reception of SF1 and SF2 signals for its first StarFire iTC antennas. Deadline: January 2021. Until then, farmers can exchange them for a state-of-the-art model, the 4th generation StarFire 6000. All at an affordable price according to the manufacturer.

John Deere StarFire 6000StarFire iTC receivers will no longer receive SF1 and SF2 signals from January 2021. (© John Deere)

John deere announces that farmers benefiting from receivers StarFire iTC from 2004 can benefit from a update to the latest guidance technology, all at an affordable price. The brand even offers a reduced price of 1er March to April 30, 2020.

At the time, the device had allowed the manufacturer to establish itself on the automatic guidance market. The StarFire iTC released in 2004, yellow dome enthroned on the roof of the cabin, was compatible with manyGNSS applications. As of January 2021, these antennas will no longer be able to receive correction signals SF1 and SF2.

Only RTK signals will be maintained

After this date, only RTK signals will be recognized byAutoTrac autoguiding. However, some applications like the section control, the documentation and Parallel Tracking will still be usable via GreenStar 2630 consoles or 1800.

The manufacturer therefore offers farmers the benefit of the latest reception technology. To do this, simply go to your dealer to exchange the iTC version for the StarFire 6000 fourth generation. The offer includes the receiver, and the correction signal SF3, accurate to around 3 cm. Without forgetting the GreenStar terminal 4240 or 4640. All at an affordable price promises the brand.

The AutoTrac receivers have evolved since their entry into service almost twenty years ago. The technology now incorporates more functions, such as section control for sprayers and fertilizer spreaders. The most recent equipment will allow, among other things, to acquire signals more quickly. Without counting the Isobus compatibility terminals, the wireless software update and the locking with a PIN code of the system in case of flight.

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