17 questions for the Google Home and Amazon Echo


We asked the Google Home and the Amazon Echo the same 17 questions to find out how they respond differently.

Google Home review:
Top 5 reasons to buy a Google Home (and 3 not to):

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  1. I don't have my Home setup yet…but the 2 questions you asked that it failed on…it got on Allo….so it may have misunderstood…or, its still in the works.

  2. I don't think Google wants to give polling information for obvious reasons. There are so many sources how do they choose the least bias one?

  3. Thank you for editing out the parts of the video where you say "Okay Google" and "Alexa" before the commands, you saved me the headache of running around my room muting all my devices :P

  4. Alexa DID mention your birthday. I have mine sitting next to me (well, new Dot) and had it respond to your question and it included your birthday April 2, 1979.

  5. Are you ever going to get a decent host cnet? Brian Tong has had the same unfunny personality and hairstyle for god knows how long

  6. I have Alexa. Many questions need to be asked a certain way. If not, it doesn't respond. Time, measurements, miles to a place, set alarm, and a ton of other things it does very well. Google is very late to this technology.

  7. I'm really excited for the future. Just imagine how many new AIs are going to be created, and how fast they'll get smarter and smarter. Maybe robots and cyborgs will become a real thing in our lifetimes.

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