13″ MacBook Pro (With Touchbar) Teardown Review!


Does it seem like Apple is trying to shake things up this year? They got rid of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. They ditched all the standard laptop ports in favor of only Thunderbolt 3. Now, they’ve replaced the age old function keys with a cool new Touch Bar. How will the new changes affect Macbook Pro repairability? We’ve got the 13” MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar!) on our teardown table and we’re ready to find out.

See the full teardown here!

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  1. I dont think that its a big deal that Apple uses pentalobe screws because you can easily buy a pentalobe screwdriver online.

  2. This is the perfect laptop since I always fine myself breaking my trackpad. That is why I always buy a Macbook with a similar trackpad for replacement.

  3. What a piece of shit of engineering everything is soldered and glued how user suppose to fix their fancy expensive computer if any of the components failed to function ? if it breaks don't fixt it i guess.

  4. 2012 You can upgrade the SSD!
    2013 Yeah it's a little bit, just a bit limited
    2014 Oh
    2015 W..what?!

  5. This new macs are intended to be thrown away after 3 year usage tops. Expensive as hell and you still have to buy Apple Care to be sure that nothing happens within these 3y.

  6. so , if i get one of these and the ssd will crash , then i will not be able to replace it or if i sent it for service Apple will replace it?

  7. Is the touch bar really necessary? I am hesitating to get the 13 inch with the touch bar or without it… I don't really know if I'll use it on a daily basis since I just need a new computer for University. Can someone give me some advice ?

  8. I predict (but it's not that difficult to do it) the next macbook pro will be with no screws at all but a real unibody laptop in the literal sense, I mean, it will be one single piece of alluminium without even a sort of a "can be opened cover". Next step up, next level of "gay-innovation".
    I also predict that, at last one physician will diagnose to Mr Ive that strange desease or neurosis who pushes him to fuck every Apple product in order to obtain that "not always requested" thinness, particulary in products classified as "pro". I really see him wearing a straightjacket and taken away by two healthcare assitants while he is screaming something about millimiters.

  9. Have apple be forced to turn the arm before? I mean have they ever listen customers and get something back from previous generations? like ports have gone?

  10. those speakers' holes are totally fake I mean if you guys teardown the device you see the sound still comes out from the Basel of the machine. apple ones again put stetics features, nevertheless, the new speakers is indeed louder..

  11. It's confirmed: iPhone 8 will not have any port, even for charging – U will have only newest Apple aiRcharging system. Really, Apple will invent outside charging stations (You won't be able to buy charger) and and You will need to find one, and pay Tim Cook for the battery life. More over: for a 100$ more You will receive basically iPhone 7 but without any port and smaller battery, and You will need to pay 400$ more (than iphone 7 plus) for the real iPhone 8 Plus with premium materials and design, but also without ports. Next will be the Mackbooks – also without ports, and without keyboard – Apple will replace keyboard with a fu%$%$ing HUGE track pad, and U will be able only to click. Also everything will be soldered to everything, a Huge fu%^%^^&^ perpetum mobile of soldering things to each other.

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