101 Things to Ask Google Home


What can you ask Google Home? Today on Tech With Brett I answer that question with 101 things that you can ask. Browse through the list below and click the timestamp to jump to that part of the video. I have starred my favorite ones so make sure you try those out and see the bottom of this list for a few that I missed that you can try on your own!

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1. What can you do? 0:48
2. When’s my first event tomorrow? 1:00
3. Turn your volume to 7. 1:08
4. Repeat that. 1:11
5. Wake me up at 6AM. 1:19
6. Tell me about my day. 1:24
7. How long will it take me to get to work? 1:43
8. How long will it take to get to McDonald’s? 1:50
9. What does circumlocution mean? 2:03
10. How many calories in a apple? 2:15
🌟 11. How many calories in a burrito from Cafe Rio? 2:22
12. Who won the BYU game? 2:42
13. How is the S&P 500 doing? 2:52
14. How is GoPro’s stock? 3:04
15. Spell Pterodactyl 3:17
16. How do I say “More Please” in Spanish? 3:29
17. What is 10 x 10? 3:39
18. How many species of tiger are there? 3:45
19. Where is the nearest pharmacy? 3:55
20. What is their phone number? 4:04
21. Count to 10. 4:09
22. What does a horse say? 4:17
23. What does a cat sound like? 4:25
24. What does a dog say? 4:34
25. What does a duck say? 4:43
26. Play Frosty the Snowman. 4:50
27. Next Song. 5:03
28. What song is this? 5:08
29. Set a kitchen timer for 5 minutes. 5:14
30. How many teaspoons in a cup? 5:21
31. Add butter to my shopping list. 5:32
🌟 32. Play Tech With Brett in the Kitchen. – FAIL 5:42
33. Set the thermostat to 68 degrees. 5:55
34. Turn the lights down. 6:02
35. Tell me a fun fact. 6:11
36. Tell me a Thanksgiving Day fact. 6:19
37. Tell me a Christmas fact. 6:28
38. I’m Bored. 6:44
39. Make me laugh. 6:54
40. Tell me a joke. 7:06
41. How much does a Google Home cost? 7:15
42. What is on my shopping list? 7:24
43. When is Christmas? 7:28
44. How many days till Christmas? 7:35
45. When is your birthday? 7:41
46. Who is better, Siri or you? 7:46
47. Stop timer. 7:55
48. What’s the weather? 7:56
49. Flip a coin. 8:06
50. Roll a die. 8:12
51. Pick a card. 8:17
52. Find a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. 8:20
53. Do a barrell roll. 8:30
54. What’s the loneliest number. 8:34
55. Where am I? 8:39
🌟 56. Beam me up Scotty! 8:44
57. How can entropy be reversed? 8:57
🌟 58. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. 9:04
59. Who’s on first? 9:12
60. I am your father. 9:15
61. Who shot first? 9:22
62. Set phasers to kill. 9:28
63. Did you fart? 9:38
64. It’s my birthday. 9:44
65. It’s not my birthday. 9:51
66. Who let the dogs out? 9:59
🌟 67. Do you want to build a snowman? 10:08
68. How many roads must a man walk down. 10:15
69. Who is the real Slim Shady? 10:27
🌟 70. Who you gonna call? 10:35
71. Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? 10:45
72. Where is Waldo? 10:52
73. Party on, Wayne! 11:00
74. Tell me something interesting. 11:05
75. Define cookie butter. 11:18
76. Where can I buy Tim Tams? 11:28
77. How far is it do Disneyland? 11:36
78. How long would it take me to walk there? 11:44
🌟 79. Make me a sandwich. 11:52
80. What is your favorite color? 11:58
81. What is your name? 12:06
82. What gender are you? 12:11
83. When does Costco open? 12:14
84. When will it snow? 12:23
85. What’s my favorite color? 12:30
86. Remember my lock code 7462. 12:35
87. Play us a beat. 12:47
88. Turn off the TV. 12:58
89. Call me Iron Man. 13:04 T-Shirt Link:
90. What is my name? 13:11
91. How is my day? 13:15
🌟 92. Let’s play a game. 13:27
93. Play the top videos in the Kitchen 13:40
94. How much is flight to Las Vegas? 13:48
95. When is the next showing of Roque One? 14:02
96. What is the meaning of life? 14:10
97. Play the Learning Leader podcast. 14:25
98. Order an Uber. 14:32
99. What is your quest? 14:37
100. Are you Skynet? 14:44
🌟 101. Let’s play crystal ball 14:53

Missed Easter Eggs:
Ok Google, Can you rap?
Sing a song.
Sing for me.
Are you feeling lucky?
How old are you?
What am I thinking right now?
Do you ever get tired?
Sing “Happy Birthday”
What did my dog just say?
Do a backflip
“Ok Google, what are your Easter eggs?”

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  1. Awesome video! I had found some lists of thinks you can ask, but this is the most complete list I have seen yet. Thanks for the info!

  2. Great video! I am from UT as well and just bought 2 google homes for my house. Random question, do yours ever go off without you saying "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"? Both of mine have been going off by them self for the last week or so

  3. Hi Brett, great video! I just got a Google Home today. Do you know how to play the audio from my Chromecast 2 on the Google Home speaker? Many thanks!

  4. I recently got the Google Home for Christmas since the store was sold out of the Amazon Dot and I felt pretty disappointed that most of the things I asked like what's on TV and how many more days till x date and it couldn't find it or said I'm not available to do that yet. I felt it wasn't advanced as the Dot or Echo was so I returned it and I'm getting the Dot. Nothing against Google and their products I just felt Amazon did a lot more and has a lot more features currently then the Home. Maybe in a few years I'll get a Google Home again but it's not that good in my opinion right now

  5. Great video, Brett. We successfully set up one Google Home in our kitchen. It works great with Chromcast video to control our TV. Now we want to have voice control access in multiple rooms and control other TV's, such as the Man Cave and bedroom. Do we need to purchase a Google Home unit for each room? Another question. Netflix video quality was grainy and sound wasn't loud enough when we pulled up The Jungle Book. We ended up using our own BluRay DVD to watch the movie. Thank you.

  6. You can also hold down the top of Google Home and skip saying anything altogether, thus not need to edit out everything.

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