10 Things Google Home can do


These are 10 things you didn’t know Google Home can do. Google Home can give you therapy, teach you Spanish, give you medical advice, and find your passport. Google Home is adding more features in which it can do.

You can use Google Home to order an Uber and a pizza. When Google Home is up to it, you can play Google Blackjack. The software updates that Google Home does gives you more features.

Google Home Review

5 things Google Home can do but Amazon Echo can’t

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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo

Google Home also works in Canada, the UK and Germany.

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  1. another great video….but we poor brits cant get google home as yet. So im sticking with my Alexa. next project is all the lights and stuff at home….wish me luck , and here goes for spending loads….lmao…..keep up the great work.

  2. Didn't you previously say you weren't going blonde anymore? Well,at least you see I pay attention. Besides, it's a new year and new look.I think you should have said " Fuckin" instead of "freakin". Everybody understands that. I bet if the" Google voice " was in your living room you would have smacked that bitch in the face

  3. I meant that she has the most beautiful pair of ………eyes lol. And I love the dark hair on you best. I think that u are going to do so well on you tube but remember Sell The Experiance not The Product xoxo

  4. When Google home continually interrupting you it seems almost human. I might buy one as it would be nice to have someone/thing listen to me for a change.

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