10 Pokémon That Can Kill You in Pokémon Sun and Moon (Feat. Eryizo)


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Pokémon are seen by some as creatures of destruction. So today I’m joined by Eryizo to discuss 10 Pokémon from the 7th gen that you’d most likely want to stay away from, AKA 10 Pokémon that can kill you.

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  1. 2 things:
    1: You HAVE to teach Inceniroar flamethrower, it's too funny not to.
    2. Anyone notice how Lillie suddenly grows like a foot taller when she changes her outfit? Heels aren't that tall

  2. I just realized, if they made a butter Pokemon it could still kill you. You eat lots of them and have a heart attack

  3. When I look at the list, I think death by cuddling if the less worse
    sure! you die with the pain of a broken spine, but one the other hand, there's the onepunchemon, sandcatlevania and black hole monster than doesn't poop, so…….. if I were to die I would want to die in the arms of cute bear, or Raccoon hugging me (and be buried with my fursuit on)

  4. I wonder if Professor Kukui is secretly f*cking with you,giving you a troll Rotomdex to tell you false imformation.

  5. Mimikyu is still my favorite. It wants a friend! And simply don't look under the costume! It simply wants a friend, let it into your world

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