10 NEW Things You NEED TO KNOW About The Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch gets a price and release date. Find out everything you need to know about the console and Mario and Zelda launch games here!
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  1. Why do people complain about battery life? Ffs it uses a usb cable. Just use the already huge ass power bank you use on your phone and done.

  2. I'm gonna say this again, Jake Baldino looks like a zombie in the new outro. No offence to the drawer and animator though he did an awesome job.

  3. I wait a year to see how well it takes off and if the games are worth it. Not gonna do a PS4 again, where all the good games comes out 2 years later

  4. I pre order the switch but with no game. I wanted the red and blue joy con one but that version got sold out quick as the other system it self

  5. power bank is a must for it sadly.this is what will kill this . you have much much more game time on the 3ds, its not as big as well.gaming tables never got big so i wionder how well this will do.
    hope it will do good for the big developers to do games for it and it will not go wiiu.

  6. 299$, only comes with one controller, accessories cost a shit ton of money, games are 60 dollars, 3 ways of playing it. Stand it, dock it, hold it. Ot enough games out yet. Idk man I feel like this is going to be Nintendos last flop

  7. For all those "few games" comments watch part of the Nintendo tree house live. There are going to be tons and TONS of games on this system and most of them look great!

  8. so they aren't launching a small game automatically bundled with the console? isn't that… cheap? I have to buy the console and then a game to even start

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