10 Best Must Have Apps for Moto X (2nd Gen)


Moto X is a Great device and with these applications you can make make your experience much better. These apps are meant to add new features and replace some stock apps.

App List

0:21 1) Pixel Battery ————–
2:03 2) Swiftopen ——————
2:53 3) Appzilla ——————–
4:12 4) Timely ———————-
5:15 5) Calc+ ———————–
6:05 6) Launchers
i) Nova Launcher ————
ii) Themer ———————
iii) Action Launcher ———
7:26 7) Poweramp —————-
8:01 8) Keyboards
i) SwiftKey ——————-
ii) Flesky ———————
9:12 9) Es file Explorer———–
9:54 10) Mx Player —————

These apps are really useful and it will help you in one way or other just give these app a try.

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  1. I just got my moto x 2nd gen, so I am still playing around with it. Def going to try the Timely app you suggested. I love the increasing volume alarm and was a little disappointed the moto didn't have that option for alarm settings. Also, I just did the lollipop update. Do you know if there is a way to dim the google bar (without diming the entire screen) that is now solid bright white? Is there a way to remove it altogether?

  2. hey bro..how did u write namaste at the top of the phone ..i like this little detaile…thats why i like android at the most…not that iphone sucks but android is customizable :D

  3. Flesky, is amazing.  I have grown to love it.  I love Flesky so much, I'm a legacy owner.  I've owned Flesky since it was pre-beta.  It may take some getting used to, I will say that, but it has become a second nature keyboard to me.  I love it and will never use another keyboard again.

  4. this was a great video about apps to use in my moto x, sometimes i`m feeling lost about that, cause there`s many many apps to use and to explore, and we never know if are using all the perfomace of our smartphone … kkkk

  5. hi devicecustomiser ..I am using the moto x style..I downloaded the mx player but it invisible after 1 week..I many more times downloaded the same app after I downloaded the app it gets invisible on in 1 week.. so I can't understand problem why it is happening..?? pls help

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