✯Tim Heidecker Facebook Live Show 12/8/16 – Sam Hyde (Million Dollar Extreme) MDE✯


Excerpt from Tim Heidecker’s Live FB Show

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  1. Tim is full of shit. You don't "support" every decision that a friend makes because they're your friend. That's a fucked up friendship

  2. Like them both, just don't see the point of calling out Tim on this one. I feel like Sam is in a little bit more of a dark path overall but I see where he is coming from politically.

  3. I love Tim's work I think he's been a great innovator in comedy. I've also hear he is a huge dickhead. from fans who have been to his live shows and he probably had Sam's show taken down.which sucks because I honestly think Sam Hyde is in a way the new thing for comedy.now he's gotta find another format besides adult swim which is becoming a liberal SJW format

  4. Tim Heidecker is way too talented, smart and nuanced for that type of morons (Hyde, Alex Jones, Molyneux etc…) who does not even know much about after all… And what's with all that auto plebiscite Sam Hyde does ? (the fake laughs) is he conscious about being not very funny ?

  5. Its disgraceful that Tim didn't stand up FOR Sam. Why is this off the table? There are a lot of people who love both of these creator's shows.

    Tim is willingly sacrificing his own figurative comedy show child to his network for PC brownie points. We have just entered the atomic age of cucking!

  6. It's a matter of competition in popularity,fame, comedic value and money that's it
    This political sjw bs is only to have moral leverage over people who are in opposition to your popularity and fame

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